Australian Precision Agriculture Market, Forecast to 2020

Australian Precision Agriculture Market, Forecast to 2020

  • December 2016
  • 128 pages
  • Frost & Sullivan
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Farmer Interest Yet to Catch Up to Industry Enthusiasm

This study looks at the fast-developing precision agriculture market in Australia. Sketching an overview, it looks at the overall size and growth rates of the market and discusses key drivers and restraints. The study provides insights into both global and domestic technology trends, throws light on market innovations, highlights applications across a range of activities, and predicts adoption trends of specific agricultural technologies in Australia. It also analyses the structure of the market and highlights some key and upcoming companies in the market.
1.Executive Summary
Executive Summary
Key Findings
2.Why Precision Agriculture?
Why Precision Agriculture?
Why Precision Agriculture?
Benefits of Precision Agriculture
Australian Precision Agriculture—Opportunities and Challenges
3.Sector Overview and Segment Definitions
Sector Overview and Segment Definitions
Market Definitions
Defining the Precision Agriculture Market

4.Status of the Australian Agricultural Sector
Status of the Australian Agricultural Sector
Agriculture Sector Overview
Farm Costs
Farm Consolidation
Farm Productivity
Australian Farms—The Bigger, the Better
Income Variability

5.Precision Agriculture—Landscape Assessment
Precision Agriculture—Landscape Assessment
Society Must Produce More Food for an Increasing Population
Precision Agriculture—A Brief Snapshot
Current Focus Areas for the Development of Precision Agriculture
Technology Trends
6.Drivers and Restraints
Drivers and Restraints
Market Drivers
Drivers Explained
Market Restraints
Restraints Explained

7.Key Enabling Technologies
Key Enabling Technologies
An Overview of Key Enabling Technologies
Segmentation of Precision Agriculture Enabling Technologies
Wireless Sensor Networks
Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)
Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communication
Cloud Computing
Big Data
Predictive Analytics
Artificial Intelligence
Technology Architecture of Precision Agriculture
Technology Convergence Enabling Precision Agriculture
Factors Influencing Technology Convergence
8.Precision Agriculture Market—Revenue Forecast
Precision Agriculture Market—Revenue Forecast
Precision Agriculture Industry Structure
Precision Agriculture Solution Providers
Global Precision Agriculture Market—Revenue Forecast
Global Footprint
Australian Precision Agriculture Market—Revenue Forecast
Australian Precision Agriculture Market—Revenue Forecast Discussion
Revenue Breakdown by Product Category
Revenue Breakdown by PA Solutions
Revenue Breakdown by End-user Sectors
9.Australian Precision Agriculture Trends
Australian Precision Agriculture Trends
Adoption Trends and Growth Opportunities for Precision Agricultural Solutions in Australia
Precision Agriculture Technology Lifecycle Analysis
GNSS Solutions—Tractor Guidance
Variable Rate Application Technology
Variable Rate Technology—Smart Irrigation
Remote Sensing & Monitoring
Agriculture Drones and Robotics
Industry Initiatives
Competitors to Watch in the Australian Precision Agriculture Market

10.ICT in Precision Agriculture
ICT in Precision Agriculture
The ICT Landscape in Precision Agriculture
Why Artificial Intelligence is Critical to Precision Agriculture
Data—The New Seeds of Agriculture
Perspective on Communications
PA Communication Options
Precision Agriculture Solution Data Flow
Challenges with the National Broadband Network (NBN)
11.Innovation Ecosystem
Innovation Ecosystem
Innovation Ecosystem—Overview
Importing Precision Agriculture Solutions
Wireless Sensors—Industry Initiatives
Global Satellite Navigation Systems—Industry Initiatives
Cloud Computing—Industry Initiatives
Machine-to-Machine Communication—Industry Initiatives
Big Data and Predictive Analytics—Industry Initiatives
Robotics—Industry Initiatives
Drones—Industry Initiatives
Patent Trends of Technologies Enabling Precision Agriculture
Examples of Australian Precision Agricultural Research Initiatives
12.Predictions and Strategic Recommendations
Predictions and Strategic Recommendations
Analyst Insights
Prediction—The Future of PA in Australia
The Future of Precision Agriculture
Farm Management is the First Innovation of PA
Data Layering is the Key to Value-added Data Analysis
Mutually Beneficial PA Business Model
Precision Agriculture Marketing Strategies
Should the Sharing Economy Come to the Farm?
Why the United States is Ahead of Australia

13.The Last Word
The Last Word
The Last Word
Legal Disclaimer
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