US Tyre Industry Analysis

US Tyre Industry Analysis

US represent the world's largest and advanced tyre market. The industry has been growing at a notable speed during the last few years on the back of growing automobile production, domestic and foreign investments, and regulatory support. However, 2009 proved disappointment for the industry and economic crisis dented tyre demand-supply mix significantly. Manufacturers halt their capacity expansion plans and even closed several plants, which were not costs competitive. The industry witnessed remarkable recovery in 2010 and in the wake of increasing tyre demand, the supply side also rejuvenated.

According to our research, "US Tyre Industry Analysis", tyre industry in the US is undergoing a transformation phase amid drastically declined Chinese imports and encouraged domestic production. The recovering automobile production, replacement tyre demand, and advancements in technology upgradation is revitalizing industry's growth outlook and sustaining market attractiveness of the US as a viable investment destination in the region. As per the research, the total tyre shipments in the country is expected to witness a 4.2% CAGR growth during 2011-2014, which will keep the US on the forefront of the industry development.

Despite such a promising future growth prospects, there are some factors, which can affect the growth trajectory of the tyre industry. For instance, the industry is highly raw material intensive and any fluctuation in raw material availability leads to substantial price fluctuation in tyre production costs. Among all ingredients, natural rubber accounts for the most dominating share. In 2010, in the total costs break-up, rubber captured 47% share. In order to sustain its competitive edge and its dominance, the country will have to increase its rubber production in the coming years to maintain balance between tyre industry demand and supply.

Our report, "US Tyre Industry Analysis" has been authored to evaluate the future growth potential of tyre industry in the US. It provides statistics and information on market structure, tyre production, and shipment by segments, exports, and imports trends. tyre shipment projections have been provided for all prominent industry segments, such as passenger tyres, light truck tyres, medium and heavy truck tyres and agriculture/forestry tyres, which facilitate cutting edge market intelligence to clients while making investment decisions.
1. Analyst View
2. US in Global Context
3. Emerging Market Trends & Drivers
3.1 Southeast Region - Hub of Industry Developments
3.2 Increasing High Value-Added Tyres' Penetration
3.3 Imports from China - Declining, but Still an Issue
3.4 Nitrogen-filled Tyres - Need of Hour
3.5 Large Rim Size Tyres - Leading the Market
4. Market Performance & Outlook to 2014
4.1 Market Overview
4.1.1 Plant Size & Capacities
4.2 Production
4.2.1 By Segments
4.2.2 By Company
4.3 Demand Potentials
4.3.1 Passenger Cars
4.3.2 Light Truck
4.3.3 Medium & Heavy Truck
4.3.4 Agriculture/Forestry
5. Tyre Imports
6. Scrap Tyre Market
7. Distribution Channel Analysis
8. Impact of Rubber Price on Industry
9. MEMS Pressure Sensors Industry
10. Competitive Landscape
10.1 Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
10.2 Bridgestone
10.3 Michelin North America, Inc.
10.4 Cooper Tire & Rubber Company
10.5 TBC Corporation
10.6 Continental Tire North America

List of Figures:

Figure 2-1: Share of US in Global Tyre Market (2010 & 2014)
Figure 3-1: Tyre Industry Establishments by Region (%), 2009
Figure 3-2: Share of HVA Tyres in Consumer OE & Replacement Tyre Industry (2006-2010)
Figure 3-3: Consumer Tyre Imports from China (Million Units), 2007-2010
Figure 3-4: Share of China in Total Tyre Imports (2010)
Figure 3-5: North America - Consumer Replacement Tyre Industry for Rim Size of 17” & above (Million Units), 2007-2010
Figure 4-1: Tyre Production (Million Units), 2008-2014
Figure 4-2: Tyre Production by Segment (%), 2010
Figure 4-3: Share of Companies in Consumer Tyre Market (2010)
Figure 4-4: Passenger Car Production (Million Units), 2008-2014
Figure 4-5: Passenger Car OE & Replacement Tyres Shipment (Million Units), 2008-2014
Figure 4-6: Light Trucks OE & Replacement Tyres Shipment (Million Units), 2008-2014
Figure 4-7: Medium & Heavy-Duty Truck Production (‘000 Units), 2004, 2009 & 2014
Figure 4-8: Medium & Heavy Trucks OE & Replacement Tyres Shipment (Million Units), 2008-2014
Figure 4-9: Agriculture/Forestry OE & Replacement Tyres Shipment (Million Units), 2008-2014
Figure 5-1: Tyre Imports (Million Units), 2009 & 2010
Figure 5-2: Tyre Imports by Segments (%), 2010
Figure 6-1: Scrap Tyre Disposition by Market Verticals (%)
Figure 7-1: Consumer Tyre Retail Sales by Distribution Channel (%), 2010
Figure 8-1: Tyre Industry Raw Material Cost Break-up (%), 2010
Figure 8-2: Natural Rubber (TSR20) Average Monthly Spot Price (US$/Pound), 2007-2010
Figure 9-1: Automotive MEMS Pressure Sensor Market (Million US$), 2009-2014

List of Tables:

Table 3-1: Nitrogen Filling Profit Potential Economics
Table 4-1: Tyre Production Capacity by Company & by Segments (‘000 Units/Day), Jan 2011
Table 4-2: Share of Replacement Tyre Shipment by Segments & Brands (2009)
Table 7-1: Dealers & Outlets Infrastructure by Leading Tyre Companies (2010)
Table 8-1: Retail Median Selling Prices by Tyre Size (US$), 2008-2010

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