Global Printed Electronics Market 2019-2023

Global Printed Electronics Market 2019-2023

  • November 2018 •
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About this market
There has been an increasing adoption of stretchable electronics in the healthcare industry. The need for real time monitoring, and heath condition tracking and management in military and sports are some of the factors driving the demand for stretchable electronics. These electronics can be applied on the skin like a tattoo and used as after operation monitoring devices in healthcare industry. Since stretchable electronics can twist, bend, and expand easily, it is increasingly being used in implantable devices to transfer data from and to computers and smartphones. Thus, the emerging stretchable electronics technology is identified as a key trend that will drive the growth of the printed electronics market during the forecast period. Technavio’s analysts have predicted that the printed electronics market will register a CAGR of over 12% by 2023.

Market Overview
Growing demand for flexible display
The demand for OLED, LCD, and EPD based flexible display is increasing. Curved display TVs are also gaining popularity in the market. Companies such as LCD Display and SAMSUNG are planning to make huge investments to develop OLED displays for applications such as TVs, automobiles, and wearables. Thus, the growing demand for smartphones and TVs and increasing investments in OLED will create a demand for flexible displays which in turn will drive market growth.

The challenge of encapsulation
The encapsulation of flexible OLED displays is a cost intensive process. This increases the overall manufacturing cost of the product. The challenge of encapsulation exists for both rigid flat and curved displays. Vendors are focusing on the development of new substrate materials that will overcome this challenge and decrease the production cost. The high price of curved OLED displays is resulting in low adoption of these products. Thus, the challenge of encapsulation of printed electronics will act as a major barrier to the growth of the market.

For the detailed list of factors that will drive and challenge the growth of the printed electronics market during 2019-2023, view our report.

Competitive Landscape
The market appears to be fairly concentrated and with the presence of several companies including BASF, and DuPont the competitive environment is intense. Factors such as the increasing demand for flexible displays, will provide considerable growth opportunities to printed electronics companies. BASF, DuPont, E Ink Holdings, Molex, and Thinfilm are some of the major companies covered in this report.