Market Overview of the Oil and Gas Industry in Kazakhstan, 2016

Market Overview of the Oil and Gas Industry in Kazakhstan, 2016

  • April 2017 •
  • 50 pages •
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Opportunities and Challenges for Oil and Gas Producers in Kazakhstan

This study captures Kazakhstan’s oil and gas industry’s growth and development over the years. The study presents the value chain for both oil and gas segments covering upstream, midstream, and downstream activities.

The study also provides a detailed overview of reserves and resources, production, and market prices of oil and gas in the country. It also traces the demand for oil and gas and gives a perspective on exports of oil and gas from the country to the global economies. Market sizes for oil and gas industry give an indication of the size and opportunities presented thereof.

The study also presents key industry risks and challenges including barriers to entry and key laws and regulations governing this industry. The prevailing taxes in the industry and their scope of coverage are covered under the fiscal regime section in the report. The study also contains a competitive landscape analysis which provides market shares and key competitor profiles in the Kazakhstan’s oil and gas industry.

The Industry outlook and forecast gives an overview of the future of the industry, while key growth opportunities help in identifying the key growth areas for companies in the industry. The study also provides an overview of key business indicators for doing business in the country. The study concludes with providing strategic imperatives for oil and gas industry participants to succeed in this industry.

Key highlights of the qualitative deliverable include:
• Macro-economy of Kazakhstan
• Oil and gas industry overview and analysis including value chain, O&G reserves, production, consumption, and market prices
• Key regulations and fiscal regime
• Challenges and barriers to entry
• Competitive landscape
• Major growth opportunities
• Outlook and forecast

Key Questions this Study will Answer
• What is the oil and gas industry structure, dynamics, as well as the demand-supply conditions in Kazakhstan?
• What are the key industry growth trends and challenges in Kazakhstan?
• Who are the key participants and what are their respective market shares?
• What are the industry outlook for the next 5 years and the emerging opportunities that potential investors can leverage?
The Growth Insight comprises qualitative and quantitative analysis that enables clients to gauge growth conditions, trends, and emerging opportunities in the O&G industry in Kazakhstan.