Data Centre Landscape - France

Data Centre Landscape - France

  • May 2017 •
  • Report ID: 4883813 •
  • Format: PDF
This new service ' Data Centre Landscape' provides a complete searchable analysis of the key 3rd party Data Centre Providers and Facilities in France of which we identified 128.

The data can be searched by:
Data Centre Providers
Data Centre Facilities (with the main city location)
Carrier Based or Carrier Neutral Data Centre
Data Centre Business Model (Specialized Data Centre, Hosting or Cloud Data Centre or Telecoms Based Data Centre)
Data Centre Tier Grade (1 to 4) – based on claimed the Data Centre facility grade
Data Centre Raised Floor Space (by m2)
Data Centre Customer Power (DCCP – by MW)
Data Centre Power Density – (DCCP divided by Data Centre raised floor space in kW per m2)
Data Centre Notes – may include additional information on expansion plans, business model, services offered or historical information.

Additionally, the Data Centre Analysis data sheet provides the following summary analysis:
The total number of Data Centre Providers
The total number of Data Centre Facilities
The main locations for Data Centre facilities (by nearest city)
Total Data Centre raised floor space in m2
Total Data Centre Customer Power in MW
Average Data Centre rack space pricing by geographical cluster
Key new Data Centre expansion news

Frequency: Provided twice a year. First edition April 2017


A detailed excel based model for France, with a number of
categories listed for each country including - Data Centre Provider, Data Centre
Facility, Data Centre raised floor space (in m2), Data Centre Customer Power (DCCP in MW) and the Data Centre Business Model indicated.

The excel spreadsheet is a search function for each category which allows the user to perform his or her own analysis.
Analysis section DataCentrePricing.Com also provides aggregated average rack space pricing by the key Data Centre geographical clusters for France.

Additional Benefits:
DataCentrePricing.Com also provides an indicative facility tier grade, Data Centre power density and additional notes on each Data Centre provider.

Each Data Centre Landscape excel spreadsheet also includes a Methodology section and an Analysis section. Under the Analysis section, DataCentrePricing.Com highlights the key trends in the Netherlands and the key new Data Centre facility build outs in France since the last subscription service was published.