Australia Procedure Numbers for Gynecological Devices 2017 - MedPro

Australia Procedure Numbers for Gynecological Devices 2017 - MedPro

  • May 2017 •
  • 207 pages •
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Segments Covered in this Gynecological Device Procedure Volume Research

This market study focuses specifically on the volume of procedures in the gynecological device market. It includes analysis of procedures in the following segments:

Assisted Reproduction Procedures

Uterine Fibroid Embolization Procedures
Female Urinary Incontinence Sling Procedures

Synthetic Sling Procedures
Non-Synthetic Sling Procedures

Pelvic Organ Prolapse Procedures
Trans-Vaginal Mesh Procedures

Sacrocolpopexy Procedures

This data is then displayed over the forecast period, 2013-2023, outlining the exact growth rates for procedures in these segments. If you’re interested in seeing the trends in procedures to formulate your market sizing and forecasts this is the most accurate and most affordable way to do it.

About Procedure Volume Research (MedPro)
Our analysts meticulously research for 3 to 4 months to put together a suite of reports (MedSuite), which is a comprehensive analysis on a group of healthcare markets. A MedPro is one portion of that analysis that outlines only the procedure volumes and forecasts for each market in that suite of reports.

This procedural analysis is incorporated in our market size analysis and forecasting which are available when purchasing a MedSuite, MedView or MedCore. For a deeper description on these product types click here or contact us to have a product consultant help you find the data you need.

Where Do We Get Gynecological Device Procedure Data?
Our team of analysts has proprietary data that we’ve been collecting for over a decade as well as government and private databases like that from CMS and hospital records. By looking at multiple sources we are able to triangulate on gynecological device procedure volumes that influence and coincide with our overall market sizing.

Trends Affecting the Gynecological Device Market

The assisted reproduction device market is directly related to procedure numbers. The trends in procedures for IVF/ICSI are driven by country legislation and reimbursement.

Additionally, emerging technologies in the field are fueling market growth. Embryo time lapse incubators and vitrification equipment are both fast growing segments of the market bolstering the overall market value.

Endometrial ablation and endometrial resection trends are interlinked. Overall, endometrial resection procedures are increasing.

Endometrial resection is necessary when fibroids are present. Within the endometrial resection market, the dominant trend is a dramatic shift from monopolar loops to bipolar loops between 2013 and 2016. Overall, the resectoscope market is a replacement market; however, sales have been stable as gynecologists invest in resectoscopes made for bipolar loops.

Questions This Report will Help You Answer
What is affecting the volume of procedures in Australia?
How many procedures were done in 2016?

How many procedures were done historically?
How many procedures can we expect in 2023 and what is the growth trend?

The full report suite on the Australian market for gynecological devices includes assisted reproduction technology, endometrial resection, uterine fibroid embolization, hysteroscopes, colposcopes, female urinary incontinence slings, pelvic organ prolapse as well as discussions on the emerging markets of laser technology and dyspareunia treatments and fluid management equipment.