Vietnam Mobile Device Retail Comprehensive Report Q1.2017

Vietnam Mobile Device Retail Comprehensive Report Q1.2017

  • January 2017 •
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Before booming and strong development of technology, global electronic devices retail is growing and growing, expanding scale. Although the pace of industry development is still relatively low, especially with the slight decline in 2015 compared to 2014, but the growth trend of the industry is still very clear in the past 5 years due to the development of emerging markets and the consolidation in developed markets, leading to more shoppers buying more electronic devices.

Leading the retail mobile market globally is China, after passing the United States in 2013 due to more favorable conditions such as having the largest number of population, abundant resources of consumption, high rate of exposure to major technology items due to high number of urban residents...

Contributed significantly to the growth of the electronic devices retail are smart phones and computers. Explosion of new technologies, consumers are changing their consumption trends, switch to using integrated products which are more functional and convenient. In 2012, total global phones consumption sharply declined due to the decline of ordinary telephone lines and conversion trends in customer tastes into smartphones; however, phone consumption again ascends in recent years due to rapid increase in smartphones consumption. The trend to use alternative tablets for laptops and desktops is spreading across the world thanks to the usability and mobility. However, the number of laptops are expected to decline due to strong development of detachables (type of removable computer screen).

In Vietnam, in all the fields of business, mobile retail is one of the fiercest competition and quickest elimination. With revenue of more than VND 65,000 billion in 2015 and promises to be robust in the coming years. Giant retailers are planning to put in a larger amount of money to expand market share. In recent years, rate of closure of small mobile stores is increasing. According to GfK, 3,000 mobile stores nationwide had to close in 2015 due to the expansion of large retail chains. Many small mobile stores chose to avoid confrontation with big businesses by selecting used phones, cheap portable phones or expanding business with repair services, selling accessories or toys such as speakers, camera lens attached to smartphones...

In the market today there are many retailers of mobile phone, featured as Mobile World Group, FPT Shop, Vien Thong A, Viettel Store… Retailers compete fiercely for market share by not only constantly expanding chain of retail stores which have beautiful locations in the downtown area of the city and small-town, after-revenue service are also focused more. Online retail trend is gradually thrive due to benefits from the increase in income and consumer awareness, the growth potential of types of cheap smartphones and internet usage rate in Vietnam.

However, mobile devices retail market are expected to saturate in the near future, making market penetration and expanding market share become more difficult. Therefore, companies in the industry shift to promote to other businesses more potential as Mobile World Group invested heavily in green electronics chains and green groceries, FPT intends to sell stock in FPT Retail, FPT shop associated with Vinamilk to share retail space, Vien Thong A try doing business with unique products like model toys... In addition, the Mobile World Group also pushes to expand into new markets through retail system development abroad. Now they are planning to open the first shop selling mobile phones overseas such as Cambodia, Laos.