Global Intrauterine Contraceptive Device Market Insights, Opportunity Analysis, Market Shares and Forecast, 2017 - 2023

Global Intrauterine Contraceptive Device Market Insights, Opportunity Analysis, Market Shares and Forecast, 2017 - 2023

  • July 2017 •
  • 190 pages •
  • Report ID: 5042238
Intrauterine contraceptive device is a small T-shaped device which is inserted in the uterus of a woman in order to prevent pregnancy.

The global intrauterine contraceptive device market is expected to rise at a CAGR of 10% during the forecast period 2016-2023. Intrauterine contraceptive devices are a form of long lasting reversible method for birth control. They are 99% effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy, convenient to use, are reversible and starts working immediately after installation. Due to these advantages, intrauterine contraceptive devices are used by large number of women across the world.

North America is the largest market region for intrauterine contraceptive device market owing to the increased adoption of these devices in United States. There is high rate of unplanned pregnancies among the teenagers in the U.S. Moreover, increasing number of initiatives taken by the U.S. government has helped to reduce the rising number of unplanned pregnancies and abortions rate in United States.

Furthermore, many U.S. based private companies have also contributed and provided the solutions for issues during pregnancy which includes teenage pregnancies, maternal mortality, increasing number of abortions etc., by promoting the advantages and use of intrauterine contraceptive devices. Furthermore, Asia Pacific is expected to emerge as the fastest increasing market owing to the presence of leading pharmaceutical companies in Asia Pacific countries such as China, Japan, India etc.

The global intrauterine contraceptive device market is influenced by the presence of major pharmaceutical companies such as Agile therapeutics, Actavis PLC, Bayer healthcare AG, Teva pharmaceuticals industries, Johnson & Johnson etc. Product launch, joint venture, merger and acquisition are some of the crucial strategies adopted by the key market players to gain competitive advantage.

Global intrauterine contraceptive device market report covers segmentation analysis of device type and products. Report further covers segments of device type which includes hormonal intra uterine device and copper intra uterine device.

Among these segments, copper intra uterine device is the leading segment due to its increased adoption as it is more convenient to use, low threats of side effects, and is considered to be safe for women. Among the females using IUD, 79% of them use Copper Intra uterine device worldwide. Report further covers segments of products such as Mirena, Skyla, Paragard, Essure, Levosert etc. Mirena is the widely used product thereby accounts for highest market growth globally . Mirena Intrauterine contraceptive device with Progestogen is extensively used to facilitate long time birth control and is 99% effective than other product segments .