Global Supplier Contribution to the Fastest Growing Automotive Technologies, 2012–2016

Global Supplier Contribution to the Fastest Growing Automotive Technologies, 2012–2016

  • September 2017 •
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Powertrain Technologies Contributed to Over 60% of Total Technology Revenue in 2016

This study identifies the contribution of selected list of 30 global automotive suppliers’ contribution in 2016, across financial parameters and technological portfolio. The study identifies the fastest growing technologies in 2025 and measures growth through suppliers’ contributions in these technologies, financial performance, and geographical diversity.

Research Scope
The geographical scope of the study includes four major regions of the world (Europe, North America. Asia Pacific and Rest of the World).

Research Highlights

Suppliers involved in the study are from these domains

Comprehensive: Suppliers who have a presence in most major segments such as electronics and engine and chassis parts. These suppliers are generally in partnership with major automaker and supply a majority of components to all models across their product portfolio.
Electronics: Suppliers who are predominantly focused on electronic systems and parts.
Exterior & Interior: Suppliers involved in body panels, interior parts and seating.
Tyres: Rubber parts suppliers who are the major suppliers of tyres to automakers.
Chassis & Safety : Suppliers that manufacture all chassis components such as suspension, steering and other components.

Key Features
The suppliers are primarily from three major regions - North America (the United States and Canada) , Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Spain, the United Kingdom) and Asia (Japan and South Korea). Technologies are broadly categorized into Powertrain, Electric Vehicle Technology, Autonomous technology and Connectivity.

Powertrain : This category deals with engine systems that help improve vehicle fuel economy, with a focus on emission reduction. Electric Vehicle Technology : This category deals with the growing demand for electric vehicles worldwide and technology required to power an electric vehicle. Autonomous Technology : This category deals with safety systems, which can be used for autonomous driving. This category considers technologies as a whole rather than each individual component used for these systems. Connectivity: This category covers in-vehicle entertainment, convenience and safety features that are present in a vehicle.

Research Benefits
As these are the technologies that are expected to be present most vehicles of the future, the 20 fastest growing technologies are list in this study.

Key Issues Addressed
What technologies are expected to grow fastest and post the largest revenue by 2025? What will be the penetration and prices at a global level?
What are the key areas for suppliers to invest in? What will the growth pattern of suppliers be, based on their current product portfolio?
How can suppliers better position themselves based on technology spread, geographic diversity and investments?
How do different regions compare to others in terms of financial and technological investments?

Key Conclusion
Over 60% of total technology revenue was contributed by Powertrain technologies.