The Global Market for Graphene

The Global Market for Graphene

  • December 2019 •
  • 627 pages •
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There are over 200 companies globally producing graphene materials or developing products incorporating graphene and this number is growing as OEMs witness the benefits offered by graphene. Recent product launches include graphene-based bicycle and automotive tires, sportswear, concrete, thermal coatings, smart phone batteries, supercapacitors, water filtration membranes and composites. Significant commercial benefits have been achieved by using a small amount of graphene including cost savings, thermal dissipation qualities, lightweighting and noise reduction.

Major corporations including Ford (automotive composites) and Huawei (cooling films for smartphones) have integrated graphene into their products. Ford are the first mass-market automotive company to use graphene in an everyday vehicle – the F150 pick-up truck.

Now in its 26th edition (first published 2009), The Global Market for Graphene provides a complete analysis for the market for these exceptional materials, including competition, production, revenues, markets, applications, producers and product developers.

Report contents include:

-Commercialized graphene products.

-Graphene Quantum Dots.

-Demand for graphene by market.

-Global production capacities-historical, current and forecast to 2030.

-Market segmentation by graphene type.

-Stage of commercialization for graphene applications, from basic research to market entry.

-Market drivers, trends and challenges, by end user markets.

-Competitive landscape of graphene among other carbon-based additives (MWCNT, SWCNT, Carbon Fibers, Carbon Black, etc.)

-In-depth market assessment of opportunities for graphene including tonnage demand by market, growth rates, pricing, most likely applications and market challenges.

-Market demand in tonnes, USD, CAGR 2018-2030

-In-depth company profiles, including products, capacities, and commercial activities.

-Detailed forecasts for key growth areas, opportunities and user demand.

-Assessment of applications for other 2D materials.

-Over 200 company profiles including production, products, target markets.

-Data on addressable markets for graphene (revenues), relevant applications, graphene technology fit and competition from other materials.

-New information on demand by regional market.

-Latest product and investment news.

-Commercial production capacities by company, and by year, for Graphene Oxide, Graphene Nanolatelets and CVD Graphene in tons and m2

-Industrial collaborations and licence agreements

-Markets targeted, by product developers and end users

-Types of graphene produced, by producer

-Graphene applications by industry, material, and product

-Over 200 company profiles including Applied Graphene Materials plc, Bonbouton, Carbon Gates Technologies LLC, Carbon Waters, Directa Plus plc, Dotz Nano Ltd., First Graphene Ltd, Grafoid, Inc., Gratomic, Inc., Graphenall Co., Ltd., Graphenea Nanomaterials, Gratomic, Inc., Grolltex, Inc., Haydale Limited, Paragraf Ltd., The Sixth Element (Changzhou) Materials Technology Co., Ltd., Skeleton Technologies OÜ, Standard Graphene, Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd., Versarien plc., ZEN Graphene Solutions Ltd. etc