East African Pharmaceutical Market, Forecast to 2021

East African Pharmaceutical Market, Forecast to 2021

  • September 2017 •
  • 106 pages •
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Generic Pharmaceutical Products Continue to Dominate with Increased Foreign Direct Investment by Asian Manufacturers

Pharmaceutical markets in Sub-Saharan Africa are experiencing rapid growth as governments and healthcare providers battle with their respective burdens of disease. The continent has one of the highest burdens of disease, such as HIV, malaria, and tuberculosis, yet has limited healthcare resources and spending.

As such there are great opportunities for growth in the pharmaceutical sector. While control and eradication of communicable diseases has been an ongoing priority area for governments, non-communicable diseases have now become an area of concern for the continent. This is driven by various factors that are mentioned in this study.

In East Africa, the outlook of the healthcare environment is similar to that of the rest of Africa. The countries generally share similar climate conditions, language, and disease prevalence. While significant strides have been made in healthcare provision, funding, infrastructure development and technology, the pharmaceutical sector in the region as a whole in East Africa is still much smaller than that of other regions in Africa, even though it has a higher population. Significant investments by multinational companies are driving growth using different proven business models. The focus on universal healthcare, providing coverage for each citizen, particularly the poor and vulnerable, is a focal point for governments.

With multiple participants in the region, including emerging leaders with high growth rates in the continent, pharmaceuticals in the region will now become more important than ever in the drive for better healthcare and the effort to meet millennium development goals. Some therapeutic areas in the countries under this study are now growing, giving an indication of future pharmaceutical opportunities.

The study covers the following pharmaceutical segments: cardiovascular, oncology, respiratory, anti-infective, and central nervous system.

Highlights of the report include:
• Market overview and projections for the pharmaceutical market (2016–2021)
• Revenue forecast and breakdown by therapeutic area
• Revenue forecast by country and therapeutic segment analysis
• Key trends, key participants, participant strategies, competitive environment analysis, and growth opportunities
• Strategic recommendations and future outlook of pharmaceutical market

Key questions this study will answer include:
• Is the East African pharmaceutical market growing? How long will it continue to grow and at what rate?
• How is the East African pharmaceutical market structured and who are the key competitors in the market?
• What are the drivers, restraints, and challenges of the East African pharmaceutical market?
• How is the regulatory environment in the East African pharmaceutical market, and what is its future impact?
• Who are the main stakeholders in the East African pharmaceutical market?
• What are the growth opportunities in the East African pharmaceutical market?