Follicular Thyroid Cancer Drug Profiles and Clinical Trials- Global Trends and Analysis Review, H2 2017

Follicular Thyroid Cancer Drug Profiles and Clinical Trials- Global Trends and Analysis Review, H2 2017

  • November 2017 •
  • 62 pages •
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  • Format: PDF
Thyroid Cancer is the cancer type originating in Thyroid gland. Though specific causes are not determined, the cancer occurs when thyroid cells undergo mutations, making cells to increase rapidly in count and size, forming tumors.

Thyroid Cancer is categorized into three main types –

- Differentiated Thyroid Cancer
- Follicular Thyroid Cancer
- Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer

- Stage I - Tumor less than 2 cm
- Stage II - Tumor between 2 cm and 4 cm
- Stage III - Tumor more than 4 cm, or grown slightly beyond thyroid
- Stage IVa- Tumor expands into nearby neck tissues/ some lymph nodes/ upper chest
- Stage IVb- Tumor expands to spine/ blood vessels
- Stage IVC: Tumor might be spread to distant sites of body

Companies conducting Follicular Thyroid Cancer trials include-
- Immunomedics, Inc.
- Exelixis

Follicular Thyroid Cancer clinical trials report from VPA Research provides comprehensive analysis and trends in global Follicular Thyroid Cancer disease clinical trials. The research work analyzes the evolution of Follicular Thyroid Cancer clinical trial trends across countries and regions.

The report focuses on drugs and therapies being evaluated for Follicular Thyroid Cancer treatment in active clinical development phases including phase 1, phase 2, phase 3 and phase 4 clinical trials. The report also provides trials information by region, key countries, phases, trial status and sponsor types.

Our experienced database team dynamically updates the clinical trials data from several sources including Clinical trial registries, conferences, journals and company releases etc. Further, data is presented in user friendly manner offering quick access to Follicular Thyroid Cancer clinical trials.

Major drugs under development in Follicular Thyroid Cancer are provided in the report along with their details of Mechanism of Action, Route of Administration, Target, therapy, molecule and class.

Scope of the Report-
- Number of Follicular Thyroid Cancer clinical trials across regions- Asia and Oceania, Europe, Middle East Africa and Americas
- Trial information by Phase and Subjects recruited
- Trial information by status, type, sponsor type
- Drugs used for treatment of Follicular Thyroid Cancer
- Both observational and interventional trials analyzed
- Success rates of trials are analyzed
- Trends in enrollment over the past ten years identified
- Leading sponsors of Follicular Thyroid Cancer clinical trials worldwide are listed

Reasons to Buy-
- Track competition and design competitive advantages
- Identify right partners to associate with for further research
- Evaluate potential opportunities available in further clinical trials of the disease
- Formulate business development strategies through success rates of clinical trials
- Identify quick markets for recruiting subjects based on trials count by each market

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