Market Research on China Stevia Sweetener Industry

Market Research on China Stevia Sweetener Industry

  • October 2017 •
  • 76 pages •
  • Report ID: 5189160 •
  • Format: PDF
As a thorough research on stevia sweetener industry in China, this report provides an integrated analysis of stevia planting, stevia sweetener production, and stevia sweetener consumption as well as professional market cycle analysis and forecasts to guide the investments and businesses for players in stevia sweetener industry who pay close attention to the industry or try to find opportunities from it.

Readers of our report have benefits such as:
- Use our forecasts to adjust strategy
- Understand the market cycle of the industry
- Gain insight into leading Chinese producers
- Gain insight of downstream opportunities

China has the biggest stevia planting area in the world. It is also the biggest stevia sweetener supplier by export volume. Stevia sweetener industry in China is currently at its growing stage, but stevia leaf price experienced great fluctuations in the past ten years. How did stevia farmers and stevia sweetener producers react to these fluctuations? What are the major elements that affect stevia leaf price? Most of the stevia used to be planted in southern provinces of China, how could the planting center of stevia shifted to northern provinces since 2012? As stevia sweetener demand has been expanding fast in the US and Europe in recent years, how could the domestic market grow in a slow pace? How did the product structure and consumption structure of stevia sweetener change during 2010–2016?

Answers to these questions can be found in this intelligent report.

The key points of this report are listed as below:
- Stevia planting, stevia leaf output and price in China
- Stevia sweetener production, price, export and consumption in China
- Government policies on stevia sweetener usage in China
- Stevia sweetener market cycle analysis and forecasts in China