Kazakhstan Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Industries Overview 2017

Kazakhstan Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Industries Overview 2017

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Kazakhstan Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Industries Overview 2017 provides essential information on the economics, pharmaceutical market, and healthcare landscape in Kazakhstan.

The Republic of Kazakhstan is an upper-middle-income country (according to the World Bank’s classification) located predominately in Central Asia. Kazakhstan is the world’s largest landlocked country and the 9th largest country in the world by land area. At the same time, Kazakhstan is the 227th country in the world by population density.

Kazakhstan’s economy is the largest one in Central Asia while about half of the country’s GDP is contributed by industries based on raw materials. According to British Petroleum’s estimates, Kazakhstan possesses 3.2% of the world’s oil reserves and 1.7% of the world’s gas reserves.

After in 2006 the Kazakhstan’s GDP had grown significantly by (10.6%) in a virtue of boost of trade relations with Russia, China, and the CIS countries, in 2008 the economy was affected by the global financial crisis.n 2014, due to the consequences of the Ukrainian crisis and oil prices fall, the GDP growth in Kazakhstan slowed down, while the country’s currency devalued by 19% in February 2014.

Kazakhstan’s economy continued to suffer from a protracted slowdown in global oil prices and weak domestic demand. Real GDP growth declined from 1.2% in 2015 to an estimated 1% in 2016.

Pharmaceutical market of Kazakhstan is the biggest and the most structured one in Central Asia. However, it is weaker compared to the CEE market in terms of business environment and its amount.

Kazakhstan pharmaceutical market started its formation in the middle 1990s. In 1994, the provision of drugs in the country was carried by the State Joint Stock Holding “Pharmacia” owning 1832 pharmacies. After the demonopolization of the Holding and privatization of its pharmacies, the national drug provision system was destroyed.

In 1996, transformation processes allowed developing a drugs provision system based on market relationships.

Currently, the pharmaceutical market of Kazakhstan is among the most developed ones in the CIS region. Consolidation and evolution of vertically integrated companies can be seen in local producers, distributors, and pharmacies together with the improvement of service culture.

Despite considerable growth dynamics (the market rose 14.3% in 2010-2014), the contribution of the pharmaceutical industry in the country’s GDP remains quite low – 0.2% in values in 2016. The main reason for this is a relatively low base of the local pharmaceutical industry.

Big expectations are related to the formation of a common market of drugs and medical devices within the EEU. Kazakh producers plan to enhance the export of pharmaceuticals to the EEU states to USD 360 mio per year.

The Overview uncovers economic, pharmaceutical and healthcare insights in a tailored made systematic and business styled manner, incl. PESTLE & SWOT analyses, epidemiology & demographic trends.

The report covers a 2012-2016 data with the forecast of the economics and pharmaceutical market growth to 2017-2019.

This report is intended for decision makers, industry professionals, and other stakeholders globally.

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