The Snapchat Report: Comprehensive Edition

The Snapchat Report: Comprehensive Edition

  • December 2017 •
  • 131 pages •
  • Report ID: 5235733 •
  • Format: PDF
The Snapchat Report: Comprehensive Edition

Snap Inc. is a major player in global mobile television and advertising, with a dedicated audience of Millennial users, a generation which prefers smartphones to the TV set.

International broadcasters and media owners aim to tap new ad revenue from mobile viewers, test new formats and drive tune-in for their broadcast TV properties. This gives brands and agencies a unique opportunity to engage this hard-to-reach demographic, but along with the opportunities there are significant challenges.

The report answers these key questions:
• How has Snapchat established a compelling mobile video distribution platform?
• In what crucial ways is Snap TV like and radically different from conventional television?
• Which major broadcasters and media owners partner with Snapchat?
• What content do they produce from existing TV shows and what new formats are they innovating for original mobile TV series?
• What is Snapchat’s proposition for advertisers needing to reach Millennials, who are watching less television?
• How can advertisers engage Snapchat users via Discover video content?
• What innovative mobile advertising and commerce formats is Snapchat developing and with what targeting data about its users?

The in-depth coverage in this report analyses Snapchat’s Discover distribution platform, its television partnerships, the content which broadcasters are creating, Snapchat’s advertising opportunities and formats, case studies and key data: 131 pages, 29 tables and charts.

Countries Covered
UK, USA, Global