The Future of Space, 2030 and Beyond

The Future of Space, 2030 and Beyond

  • January 2018 •
  • 96 pages •
  • Report ID: 5289085
Impact of Industry Mega Trends on the Space Industry Until 2030 and Beyond: Connectivity and Surveillance Enabling a Global Migration to Next-Gen Technology

This study covers key industry Mega Trends impacting the space industry, and the implications on space of ongoing technological developments. It identifies areas of opportunities for the space industry and also areas where the space industry will potentially add value in terms of helping the industry Mega Trend being realized.

All space industry participants and a range of industry verticals will benefit from this visionary study that captures a ‘Big Picture’ perspective of the space industry and how it is looking to revolutionize industries across the globe. Technology companies who are looking to feed into the digital transformation Mega Trend across industries will also benefit from this study as they will get to understand their potential role in the future.

Research Scope
This research study includes:
Product Scope: Industry Mega trends and Space Mega Trends
Geographic Scope: Global
End-user Scope: All industries related to the space industry

Key Issues Addressed
• What are the key industry Mega Trends and their significance for space?
• What are the key trends within the satellite manufacturing domain?
• What are the key trends within the launch services domain?
• What are the key trends within the satellite operations domain?
• What are they key trends within the downstream services domain?
• What are the key trends within the deep space missions domain?
• What are the key trends within the different industries and applications which use products and services from the space industry?
• What are the future implications for industries and the space industry?
• What will the space industry look like by 2030?
• What are the major developments in the space travel industry?

Key Conclusion
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