The Impact of Digital Transformation on the Waste Recycling Industry

The Impact of Digital Transformation on the Waste Recycling Industry

  • January 2018 •
  • 112 pages •
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Capitalizing on Opportunities in the Emerging Digital Economy
Digital transformation has become the new era of business, a ladder in the industrial evolution enabled by the extensive use of smart technologies. In recent years, digital disruptions have been transforming businesses and operating models, reshaping the market potential for companies and, in certain cases, completely changing the frame of an industry.

The biggest impact of this digital transformation has been in the customer-facing industry. As data becomes more intensive, industries will increasingly rely on digital technologies to manage their businesses effectively.

Research Scope
The waste and recycling industry is changing rapidly since the last decade and is on the verge of digital transformation. Start-ups are completely taking up the recycling value chain, thereby accelerating the digital transformation of the industry.

This study provides an in-depth insight of the impact of digital transformation in the waste recycling industry, focusing especially on various smart technologies such as smart bins, smart trucks, and robotics sorting that are deployed to effectively manage different waste streams. It gives an overview of the challenges and types of existing and potential smart solutions to tackle those challenges.

Waste recycling industry trends spurring the digital transformation will provide interesting insights to readers. Top technologies, phases of digital technology implementation by region, and market segments are analyzed to provide an overall understanding of the dominant segment and the cost-effective technology that is currently preferred for investments.

This study also shares growth opportunities in smart waste recycling market such as smart bins, smart niche services, software as a service, and other value-added services that help readers know more about market penetration. Furthermore, IT investments opportunities, brief profiles, and performance analysis of companies are highlighted to make the study more insightful.

Research Benefits
The study will provide a deep understanding of the impact of digital transformation on the waste recycling industry. It will also provide an overview of the market, attractiveness, and cost effectiveness of the existing digital technologies.

This will help clients identify cost-effective smart solutions and target the addressed and addressable markets, and guide them in their journey of digital transformation. It can help companies make wise decisions with respect to IT investments such as big data analytics, cloud computing, and connectivity. Furthermore, additional insights on growth opportunities will provide a way to capitalize on developing smart and innovative technologies.

Key Issues Addressed
• Influential Mega trends
• Key Digital Solutions
• Phases of Digital Technology Implementation
• IT investment opportunities
• Growth Opportunities
• Brief Profiles of Key Companies