Global Market Study on Beverage Refrigeration Equipment: Increasing Preference for “Grab and Go” Beverage Coolers to be Observed in the Years to Come

Global Market Study on Beverage Refrigeration Equipment: Increasing Preference for “Grab and Go” Beverage Coolers to be Observed in the Years to Come

  • February 2018 •
  • 212 pages •
  • Report ID: 5366070 •
  • Format: PDF
Our new report on the global beverage refrigeration equipment market focuses on the trends driving the adoption of this equipment over an eight year period from 2017 to 2025.The uniqueness of this report lies in the accuracy and credibility of the researched data and analysis.

Our team of analysts have covered validation, product mapping, segmental revenue as well as company financials.Company share analysis represents the market share of manufacturers and suppliers of beverage refrigeration equipment based on their segmental revenue and product offerings.

Market share analysis is subject to volatility due to recent divestments, expansions and mergers & acquisitions of players in the market.

Our report on global beverage refrigeration equipment market encompasses volume sales and also the value generated from the sales of beverage refrigeration equipment.The scope of the report will also include beer and beverage dispensing equipment, drinking fountain, soda fountain which find application in supermarkets, wine shops, bars, etc.

The scope excludes ‘walk-in’ type of refrigerators.

Beverage Refrigeration Equipment Market Share Analysis

We have validated the data through several primary interviews with industry experts and exhaustive secondary and primary research.The product mapping of beverage refrigeration equipment manufacturers in the respective business segments of the company has been done to give the crystal clear market share scenario to our existing and potential clients.

We have also mentioned the breakdown of the overall key players’ businesses into segments under which they operate in the global beverage refrigeration equipment market.Accordingly, we have also calculated the annual revenue for each segment.

Recording and analyzing overall annual revenue of key beverage refrigeration equipment manufacturers is carried out for the year 2017 on the basis of annual reports and secondary research.

Forecast Assumptions and Market Sizing

When developing the market forecasts, we started by sizing the current market, which forms the basis for forecasting and also explains the market scenario and performance in the future.We have considered product-wise weighted Average Selling Price (ASP) to deduce market values at a regional level.

We have used the bottom-up approach to counter-validate the reached numbers and end-use industry application-wise market numbers.Simultaneously, top-down approach has been used to assess market numbers for each vehicle type.

Macroeconomic indicators, such as GDP, manufacturing sector growth, global trade statistics and household final expenditure have been considered. All values for market size are in US$ Mn (US Dollar-Million) and volume data is in units unless specified otherwise.

Market Segmentation

By Product Type
Drinking Fountain
Soda Fountain
Beverage Dispensing
Beer Dispensing
Beverage Coolers

By End Use Industry
Food Service Sector
Retail Food & Beverage Sector

By Region
North America
Latin America
Asia Pacific
Middle East & Africa (MEA)

Research Methodology
We have adopted systematic research approach while inspecting this report.In-depth secondary research is used to arrive at an overall market size, top industry players, top products and industry associations.

Our analysts have formulated a detailed discussion guide in order to conduct expert and industry interviews.We also have conducted interviews with industry experts, industry players, distributors and retailers.

Data is validated by triangulation method, wherein primary, secondary research and our unique analysis contribute to the final data. We have also analyzed various companies and their annual reports, investor presentations, SEC filings, reports and press releases, operating in the beverage refrigeration market to fetch substantial information about the market size, different trends, growth opportunities, as well as drivers, and restraints.