The Global Market for Graphene and 2-D Materials in Electronics

The Global Market for Graphene and 2-D Materials in Electronics

  • April 2018 •
  • 221 pages •
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There is great interest in developing 2-D electronic devices to overcome the performance limitations of currently used materials. Graphene and other 2-D materials are key candidates for new and future electronics, including flexible and stretchable electronics, wearables, sensors and photonics. These materials possess a combination of high electron mobility, high thermal conductivity, high specific surface area, high optical transparency, excellent mechanical flexibility, and environmental stability.

Applications include:

§ Flexible e-paper.
§ Flexible touchscreens.
§ Wearable devices for physiological monitoring.
§ Wearable medical devices.
§ Flexible digital x-ray technology.
§ Smart plastics.
§ Electronic components on flexible substrates for distributed media.
§ Sensors on flexible substrates.
§ Wearable gas sensors.
§ Wearable strain sensors.
§ Wearable tactile sensors.
§ Smart footwear.
§ Smart labels.
§ Printable sensors and electronics.

Report contents include:

§ The market for graphene and other 2D materials in flexible and stretchable electronics, wearable sensors, conductive films, displays, industrial monitoring, wearable and mobile health monitoring, skin sensors and tattoos, conductive ink, transistors and integrated circuits, photonics, memory devices etc.
§ Market drivers and trends.
§ Applications.
§ Market challenges.
§ Analysis of the material properties of graphene and other 2D materials relevant to electronics.
§ 55 company profiles.