The Gluten-Free Market in North America and Europe

The Gluten-Free Market in North America and Europe

  • August 2020 •
  • 316 pages •
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Report Description
The Gluten-Free Market in North America and Europe
Market demand for years 2012, 2016, 2017 and forecasts for years 2018, 2019 and 2020. Company market shares and brands for 2018 and continuously updated.

10 Individual Product Markets in each country covered:
Baking Premixes Glutenfree, Bread Products Glutenfree, Biscuits Glutenfree, Fresh Pasta Glutenfree, Dry Pasta Glutenfree, Breakfast Cereals Glutenfree, Sweets Glutenfree, Snackbars Glutenfree, Frozen Pizza Glutenfree, Frozen Ready Meals Glutenfree,
26 Country markets: Austria,Belgium/Lux,Bulgaria,Canada,Czech Republic,Denmark,Finland,France,Germany,Greece,Hungary,Ireland,Italy,Mexico,Netherlands,Norway,Poland,Portugal,Romania,Russia,Slovakia,Spain,Sweden,Switzerland,United Kingdom,United States
260 Product and Country Markets - being 10 Single Product Markets times 26 countries.

A complete quantitative, hard data demand and supply analysis of final human consumption in the country and product markets covered. All product markets are carefully defined so as to be comparable across all countries.
Based on international food and drink markets database, now in its 23rd year, the report includes (see detailed Table of Contents for more):
* Separate Foodservice and Retail Market data are given by volume and value, and by product and country, hence providing complete coverage of the final human consumption
* Up to the Top-10 holding companies by market share by product, country and region
* Up to Top-100 holding companies listing by overall market share in the present markets
* Own label, branded, unbranded and artisanal market shares
A unique strategic vision of the market in Austria is presented, in particular identifying the numerous companies present together with their market shares and major brands by country and product. Standard data tables for each product provide a panorama of companies’ strengths and presence.

This report entails a fully up-to-date mapping of the market providing valuable support to strategic marketing decisions, in particular regarding:
* Strategic Planning
* Marketing & Sales
* Mergers and Acquisitions
* Market Opportunities & Risks
* Companies Strengths & Weaknesses

Retail, Foodservice and Total Historical and Forecast Demand - by volume and by value for 2012, 2016 and 2017 , as well as forecasts for 2018, 2019 and 2020
Historical Trend - % growth by volume and value for 2012 - 2017.
Forecast Growth - % growth by volume and value for 2018 - 2020
Supply structure in each product and in each country in 2017: producer shares, own label share, branded share, unbranded share and artisanal share (own made for own sale, e.g. independent bakers).
Major brands listed by country, product, holding or independent companies and subsidiaries.
Company Profiles. All holding companies identified are listed alphabetically with their key subsidiaries by country, detailing the product markets in which the latest market shares have been identified. The overall share in the market covered is provided. The estimated percent contribution of each product to final (retail + foodservice) sales is also provided.

Estimated 316 pages.
The report is produced at time of order from the updated database, and consists essentially of hard data provided in the form of flow charts and data tables.
The standard PDF report delivered by e-mail can be printed and then photocopied recto-verso, and is designed to then drop into a 4-ring folder as a complete report, including cover, table of contents, etc. Electronic Excel file can be provided.

Any combination of countries, products and demand and supply data possible.
Almost 150 products and product categories covered in each of these countries:
Europe, including Eastern Europe, 22 countries covered.
North America: Canada, Mexico, USA.
Other emerging markets: Brazil, India, Turkey, Russia, China

Abstract - The Gluten-Free Market in Europe And North America

This report provides a 45-page EXECUTIVE SUMMARY providing detailed analysis of demand and supply comparing the merits of the 260 individual country & product markets covered, and features 28 graphs and 7 tables.
The supporting 316-page MAIN REPORT provides the underlying hard data by product & country for market demand (volume and value, retail and foodservice), and for supply (company market shares and brands).

>>> This total market grew by -0.5% annually from 2012 to 2017 to reach Euro 9.9 billion in 2017. >>> Expenditure per capita for this total market in 2017 was Euro 2.7 per capita.?>>> The Foodservice market in 2017 made up 9.7% of this total market by value.

>>> Europe and North America is forecast to grow at an average annual 0.66%, equivalent to an overall change of 3.3% over the five-year forecast period.
For all the 260 country & product markets covered, historical (2012, 2016 & 2017) and forecast demand data (2018, 2019 & 2020) are provided for the retail, foodservice and total markets by volume and value, together with comparative analysis of all markets, including by per capita consumption and expenditure.

This report presents a strategic vison of the major multi-country players as well as all the significant players in each country. 229 holding companies and 79 key subsidiaries are identified, covering each of the 10 country and product markets presented, together with 1175 market shares and matching brands. The Top-10 Players supply 52.2% of this market.
>>> The Top-10 Players supply 52.2% of this market.
The leading company by market share value is Dr Schar with a 19.1% share, followed by Pinnacle Foods (6.6%) and Kellogg’s (5.2%). This unique strategic company compilation is drawn from online database (10,000+ companies, 25,000+ market shares).

In the total 260 country & product markets covered (full detail in main report).
1. Dr Schar (19.1%) in 243 markets.?2. Pinnacle Foods (6.6%) in 83 markets. 3. Kellogg’s (5.2%) in 27 markets.?4. Nestle (4.7%) in 41 markets.?5. PepsiCo (3.6%) in 26 markets.?6. Otsuka Pharma. (3.3%) in 142 markets. 7. Amy’s Kitchen (2.8%) in 37 markets.?8. Hain Celestial (2.4%) in 9 markets.?9. General Mills (2.2%) in 14 markets.?10. Nature’s Path (2.1%) in 3 markets.
* Artisanal, if present, refers to total of "Own produced for own sale" suppliers, e.g. independent bakers.

No. of Country Markets - 26 † No. of Product Markets - 10 *
Total No. Ctry/Prod Markets - 260 No. of Holding Companies+ - 229 No. of Key Subsidiaries - 79?No. of Co. Market Shares - 1175

† Countries:
Austria, Belgium/Lux, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Mexico, Russia
* Products:
Baking Premixes Glutenfree, Bread Products Glutenfree, Biscuits Glutenfree, Fresh Pasta Glutenfree, Dry Pasta Glutenfree, Breakfast Cereals Glutenfree, Sweets Glutenfree, Snackbars Glutenfree, Frozen Pizza Glutenfree, Frozen Ready Meals Glutenfree,