Advanced Drug Delivery Systems – A Global Market Overview

Advanced Drug Delivery Systems – A Global Market Overview

  • August 2018 •
  • 422 pages •
  • Report ID: 5492730 •
  • Format: PDF
Report Synopsis
Pharmaceutical companies have developed numerous therapeutic compounds that can address several life threatening ailments or disorders. The traditional dosage form offers spontaneous drug liberation that leads to drug concentration variation in the circulatory system. Hence to regulate the steady effective drug levels in the blood, introduction of Advanced Drug Delivery System is essential.

Availability of the therapeutic compounds that are site specific, exhibit maximum therapeutic efficacy, capable of performing the same action in minimal dosage forms, increase in research and development protocols that aim to introduce maximum number of advanced drug delivery systems are some of the factors responsible for the growth of Advanced Drug Delivery Systems market.

Research Findings & Coverage
• Global Advanced Drug Delivery Systems market is analyzed in this report with respect to carrier types, route of administration and applications
• Degradable Microneedle - Promising Future Injectable Drug Delivery System
• Electrospun Based Nanofibers – A Novel Drug Delivery System
• Reduction-Sensitive Polymer Nanomedicines - Future Targeted Drug Delivery Platform for Cancer
• Platelets Serving as a Novel Drug Carrier
• Key business trends focusing on product innovations/developments, M&As, JVs and other recent industry developments
• Major companies profiled – 39
• The industry guide includes the contact details for 204 companies

Product Outline

The report analyzes the market for the following carrier types of Advanced Drug Delivery Systems:
• Nanoparticles
• Polymers
• Monoclonal Antibodies
• Others (includes Prodrugs, Microparticles etc.)

Advanced Drug Delivery Systems market, in terms of Route of Administration, analyzed in this report include the following:
• Oral
• Parenteral
• Topical
• Others (includes Rectal, Nasal, Implants etc.)

The study explores the market for Advanced Drug Delivery Systems applications comprises:
• Oncology
• Cardiology
• Neurology
• Pulmonary
• Other Applications (includes Diabetes, Ophthalmology, Gastrointestinal disorders, Urology etc.)

Analysis Period, Units and Growth Rates
• The report reviews, analyzes and projects the global Advanced Drug Delivery Systems market for the period 2015-2024 in terms of value in US$ and the compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) projected from 2017 through 2024

Geographic Coverage
• North America (The United States, Canada and Mexico)
• Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, The United Kingdom and Rest of Europe)
• Asia-Pacific (China, India, Japan, South Korea and Rest of APAC)
• Rest of World (Brazil, South Africa and Other)