Commercial Interest at ESMO Annual Meeting 2018: Analytical Tool

Commercial Interest at ESMO Annual Meeting 2018: Analytical Tool

  • October 2018 •
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The Commercial Interest at ESMO Annual Meeting 2018: Analytical Tool is a must have companion tool for reviewing the direction of commercial drug development emerging from the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO 2017) congress. Similar in scope to it’s American cousin ASCO, this conference features more than 2000 abstracts detailing the latest ground-breaking science and in this too we highlight where it makes an impact on commercial cancer drug development worldwide.

Power-up Your Coverage of ESMO & Find out What the Competition is Up To
The Commercial Interest at ESMO Annual Meeting 2018: Analytical Tool significantly shortcuts your work-load to analyze the ESMO meeting by allowing you to skip the hassle of identifying new technologies, drugs, targets, start-ups etc. We’ve already done that for you! Hence you are able to cut straight to the valuable analysis from the meeting and in seconds find out what the competition is doing and what is being introduced to the world for the first time!

Analyzing the Competitive Positions of Revealed Drugs
The 274 drugs identified in this tool are analyzed according to “hot” areas in oncology where cancer drug development is being focused today, including areas such as exciting Startups, Immune checkpoint drugs, Epigenetic therapies, DNA Damage response drugs and much more. With a simple point and click interface you can navigate any hot area, drill down into sub-specific areas such as ongoing combination trials, biomarker analysis, selected scientific abstracts etc. and generate drug profiles, drug target profiles and company profiles (including Business Development & Licensing contacts). Any analysis generated by you is packed with presentation-ready graphs and tables to use in your reports and presentations.

Get Focus and Unbiased Insights Even After ESMO
To further illuminate the reader, this tool also includes the latest development for the entire ESMO pipeline, detailing both positive and negative pipeline development throughout the lifetime of your access. This provides comprehensive insights to current developments such as successful clinical trials, trials with missed primary endpoints, new or terminated partnerships, M&A and much more.
Higher Productivity Format and A Tool You can Grow With
Unlike a static report which just represents a particular snapshot in time, this Analytical Tool comes with one year of online access to twice-weekly updates in both contents and features, pipeline alerts and online support etc. You can choose to renew your access to these updates and support on a yearly basis or go over to our industry leading full service platform covering all oncology drug development, 1stOncology.

Why Buy This Tool?
The ESMO congress is Europe’s largest clinical oncolgy meeting which is a great event that tells us the direction of commercial drug development in oncology. This tool is a must have for anyone with an interest in oncology who wants to save time and effort and more successfully analyze the direction emerging from this meeting.

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