Emerging Solutions in the North American HVACR Market

Emerging Solutions in the North American HVACR Market

  • December 2018 •
  • 172 pages •
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Non-vapor Compression, LGWP Refrigerant Technologies, and a Reduced Carbon Footprint are Overarching Trends for the Future
The technologies under evaluation fall into the following broad categories: advanced vapor compression, advanced heat exchangers, emerging non-vapor compression, and integration of energy storage and air conditioning.Within these broad categories, multiple technologies under development have been analyzed.

Some of the over-arching themes across these developing technologies include reduced carbon footprints, product and system efficiencies, low global warming-potential (GWP) technologies, and the exploration of non-vapor compression technologies.

The detailed study of these emerging technologies includes data about the target segments, stage-wise ratings for readiness levels of the technologies, activity milestone breakdowns of the technology development efforts, implications of technology deployment, and penetration forecasts for each of the technologies, starting from the expected year of commercialization.Sets of drivers and restraints for each technology covered are also provided.

In addition, the key partners collaborating on developing these technologies have also been listed, along with their various roles in the technology development. High potential opportunities for growth have been highlighted, in addition to critical success factors for the organizations in this domain.

As observed in the research, these emerging technologies primarily aim to offer energy and non-energy-related benefits, including reduced energy consumption, managing peak loads, improved performance of HVAC systems, reduced maintenance time and costs, improved comfort, and reliability—all while leaving a smaller carbon footprint.The need for becoming green and sustainable is expected to continue to drive technology innovation.

The emerging HVAC technologies considered are in various stages of development, ranging from early development to mature stage towards commercialization.Organizations are encouraged to track the key technologies under development mentioned in this research and such similar initiatives as an option to become late-stage collaboration partners or to apply for patents at an early stage.

Collaborative projects with disparate participants to bring together capabilities for addressing needs such as integration, connectivity, and analytics, in addition to the core technology development, are expected to assist in the development of a ready-to-deploy solution for the market participants.

Research Scope
This research service includes an in-depth analysis of certain novel emerging technologies in the HVACR market in North America and their market potential. It serves to provide a technological snapshot of the future HVACR market in North America based on current R&D programs.
The main objective involves identifying the range of technologies to be evaluated, assessing the technology readiness level for commercialization, estimating the commercialization timeline, and analyzing implications of the technology, including future market presence.