European Advanced Suspension Market, 2018

European Advanced Suspension Market, 2018

  • January 2019 •
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Increasing Demand for Luxury Vehicles and Stringent Safety and Emission Norms to Drive Growth for Advanced Suspension Systems
Advanced suspension systems were touted to be the next big thing in the automotive industry when they were launched a couple of decades ago.However, owing to the high cost of these systems, their market penetration has remained confined to premium vehicles.

Many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have been offering passive suspension systems that offer benefits such as high temperature stability, lighter weight and lower costs as standard equipment.

As these systems have fixed damper settings, they are not capable of offering the right combination of comfort and ride and handling features, which consumers and OEMs expect.Also, OEMs have been facing a tough challenge to meet the stringent emission norms; some OEMs have been liable for financial penalties for not meeting these targets.

In order to tackle these shortcomings, OEMs have started offering advanced suspension systems, such as the active and semi-active suspension systems, which offer the right balance of comfort, and ride and handling features.

Although the European automotive market is expected to stagnate over the short and medium term, there are still many opportunities to be explored by advanced suspension system suppliers in the OEM market.The European market has always been receptive towards the latest in automotive suspension technology, as European customers seek a balance between comfort, and ride and handling.

There is also a growing need for luxury vehicles equipped with advanced suspension systems, such as the active and semi-active suspension solutions.

Research Scope
• To provide a strategic overview of the European adaptive and active suspension market, including key technology trends and key OEMs’ choice of suspension
• To provide insights what types of advanced suspension systems are used by which MY2018 vehicles
• To develop an actionable set of recommendations
• To highlight business opportunities and challenges for OEMs and suppliers

Research Highlights
This research service explores the current advanced suspension market as the industry migrates from passive suspension systems to more sophisticated suspension systems offering superior driving dynamics.The study provides a detailed model-wise listing of the suspension systems used by key OEMs in various models alongside a description of the working of those systems.

The study covers all types of advanced suspension systems in Europe such as electropneumatic; electrohydraulic; magnetorheological and electromechanical systems.

Key Issues Addressed
• What are the types of advanced suspension systems preferred by different OEMs in Europe?
• What other vehicle features are offered in addition to adaptive dampers by OEMs in Europe?
• Who are the key market participants and market leaders in the advanced suspension market and what are their preferences in terms of advanced suspension solutions?
• What are the different vehicle models by key OEMs that use advanced suspension systems? Are these systems offered as standard or optional equipment?

Author: Kamalesh Mohanarangam