The Global Market for Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs)

The Global Market for Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs)

  • December 2020 •
  • 50 pages •
  • Report ID: 5777840 •
  • Format: PDF
Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and related materials are a class of crystalline nanoporous molecular scaffolds. MOFs possess excellent chemical and physical properties and can be assembled from a variety of metals and a large number of organic linkers to produce highly ordered, 3D structures. They possess:

-structural tailorability

-controlled porosity

-high surface area

-abundant functional groups.

MOFs are highly attractive for a range of industrial applications as they use non-hazardous feedstock, are cost-effective and environmentally friendly. They are potentially key materials in industrial adsorption, storage processes and catalysis. MOFs can be used to store, separate, release or protect in a range of applications including:

-gas storage and separation.

-chemical separations.




-drug delivery.


-adsorbents for organic pollutants.

-water harvesting.

-heat exchangers.


A number of start-ups are bringing MOF products to the market, and production volumes have increased in the past two years.

Report contents include:

-Properties of Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs).

-Applications of Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs).

-Addressable markets for Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs).

-Profiles of 27 companies including products and targetted markets. Companies profiled include Atomis, EnergyX, Framergy X, MOFgen Ltd, novoMOF AG, Tarsis Technology and ZoraMat.