Additive Manufacturing for Series Production: Opportunity Analysis

Additive Manufacturing for Series Production: Opportunity Analysis

  • May 2019 •
  • 45 pages •
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Additive Manufacturing for Series Production has High Adoption Potential in the Automotive & Aerospace Industries
Additive manufacturing is becoming increasingly integrated in various industries due to its ability to produce items of complex shape and geometry, to eliminate the need for expensive manufacturing tools, and its energy efficient features.Manufacturers are looking to adopt additive manufacturing for series production.

Series production is distinct from mass production, although the both involve large volume manufacturing.Unlike mass production, series production does not have continuous production.

The features of a product in series production are distinct in each of the batches. Additive manufacturing in series production allows manufacturers to use 3D printing to build parts with similar features in batch size or in high volume.

However, additive manufacturing typically builds parts layer by layer, thus takes a longer time to manufacture parts. In order to accommodate batch production in additive manufacturing, companies and universities have taken the initiatives to achieve breakthroughs in additive manufacturing to find the technique for large scale or series production.

This study analyses the recent breakthroughs in 3D printing that accommodate series production which helps manufacturers to solve problems by reducing cost, space, and equipment while meeting end user needs. The research also focuses in industries that will be impacted most in the advancement of 3D technology for series production.

The impact on industries, key players, challenges in the adoption of technologies are highlighted in this research.

Key topics covered in the study:
The key drivers of the innovations in additive manufacturing focusing on series production
Impact on sectors with further emphasis in automotive and aerospace Sectors
Notable innovations of additive manufacturing for series production
Technology landscape of additive manufacturing for series production
Key players in additive manufacturing for series production
Notable merger and acquisition, and funding in additive manufacturing