Light-based Manufacturing: Application and Opportunity Assessment

Light-based Manufacturing: Application and Opportunity Assessment

  • June 2019 •
  • 44 pages •
  • Report ID: 5785516 •
  • Format: PDF
Automotive, Aerospace, Manufacturing and Healthcare industries drive opportunities
The study “Light-based Manufacturing: Application and Opportunity Assessment” analyzes the key technologies and applications of light-based applications in industries that will help manufacturers to solve problems by reducing cost, space, and simplifying manufacturing processes while increasing the quality of products and meeting end-user needs.This research focuses on the current case studies pertaining to the applications of light-based technologies that may influence manufacturers to scale this technology in the near future.

The impact on sectors, key participants, challenges in the adoption of technologies are highlighted as well. The disruption and milestone of light-based technologies in promising sectors are discussed in detail in this research service.

The key participants mainly highlighted in this light-based manufacturing RS are providers or developers of terahertz laser technology and fiber optic laser technology.Regional analysis in the adoption of light-based technologies and patent activities are illustrated.

Furthermore, notable funding, merger and acquisitions, and joint collaborations are also covered in this research service.

Key topics covered in the study:
What are the key technologies that contributes toward the growth of light-based technologies in various industries.

What are the recent industry initiatives that are directly related in the adoption and widespread of light-based manufacturing in industries?

What are the current experimentations or pilot tests conducted by manufacturers for promoting light-based technologies across industries?

What are the potential disruption areas that will be imposed by light-based technologies in many sectors?

What are the challenges faced by manufacturers in scaling light-based technologies?