Global Open-Angle Glaucoma Therapeutics market 2019-2023

Global Open-Angle Glaucoma Therapeutics market 2019-2023

  • July 2019 •
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Global Open-Angle Glaucoma Therapeutics Market: About this market

Open-angle glaucoma is a condition of the eye that leads to progressive atrophy of the optic nerve in the presence of an open angle. This open-angle glaucoma therapeutics market analysis considers sales from both prostaglandin analogs (PGAs) and non-prostaglandin analogs (NPAs). Our analysis also considers the sales of open-angle glaucoma therapeutics in Asia, Europe, North America, and ROW. In 2018, the PGAs segment had a significant market share, and this trend is expected to continue over the forecast period. Factors such as first-line treatment option and increasing use of a combination of PGAs with other drugs will play a significant role in the PGAs segment to maintain its market position. Also, our global open-angle glaucoma therapeutics market report looks at factors such as promising pipeline and recent approvals and increasing demand for combination drugs. However, uncertainties in the advances in glaucoma surgery, low patient adherence of topical medications, and asymptomatic nature of open-angle glaucoma may hamper the growth of the glaucoma therapeutics industry over the forecast period.

Global Open-Angle Glaucoma Therapeutics Market: Overview

Increasing demand for combination drugs

Combination drugs aim at different targets or pathways to combat the disease with minimal adverse effects. Moreover, they also improve tolerability, as two compounds can be employed below their individual dose thresholds. The demand for combination drugs will increase owing to their advantages, which will subsequently lead the market to grow at a CAGR of over 4% during the forecast period.

Strategic alliances

The high prevalence of open-angle glaucoma and requirement of novel medication led pharmaceutical companies to focus on the development of new drugs to treat open-angle glaucoma. During the development of new drugs, numerous companies are forming collaborations with other companies, which will speed up the development process and also increase the investments in research. This development is expected to have a positive impact on the overall market growth.

Competitive Landscape

With the presence of several major players, the global open-angle glaucoma therapeutics market is fragmented. This robust vendor analysis is designed to help clients improve their market position, and in line with this, this report provides a detailed analysis of several leading open-angle glaucoma therapeutics companies, that include Aerie Pharmaceuticals Inc., Allergan Plc, Bausch Health Companies Inc., Novartis AG, and Pfizer Inc.

Also, the open-angle glaucoma therapeutics market analysis report includes information on upcoming trends and challenges that will influence market growth. This is to help companies strategize and leverage on all forthcoming growth opportunities.