Daimler Truck AG - Annual Strategy Dossier - 2020 - Strategic Focus, Key Strategies & Plans, SWOT, Trends & Growth Opportunities, Market Outlook

Daimler Truck AG - Annual Strategy Dossier - 2020 - Strategic Focus, Key Strategies & Plans, SWOT, Trends & Growth Opportunities, Market Outlook

  • February 2020 •
  • 35 pages •
  • Report ID: 5843887 •
  • Format: PDF
The 2020 annual edition of the report analyses the overall strategy focus and provides Insights into & Comprehensive analysis of the Strategies & Plans being conceptualized & pursued by Daimler AG for its Trucks business for the near to medium term horizon under Daimler’s new operating structure under a separate trucking entity post spin-off in 2019. Daimler plans to further build further on its existing market leadership across the strategic North American & European markets, pursuit of a multi-pronged branding strategy and technology leadership led by electrification, which is on the verge of commercialization, as key pivots of its overall strategy.

The year 2019 proved to be another home run for the trucking industry with truck deliveries in North America and Europe maintaining their peak levels for the second consecutive year in a row driven both by fleet expansion & replacement activities. However, forecasts for 2020 indicate towards both European & North American markets heading for correction going forward with most of the OEMs in the process of adjusting & scaling down production capacities in line with the market scenario likely to prevail over near term. The global trucking industry is on the cusp of an electric revolution with a range of electric trucks likely to enter commercial production and make their market debut in the early 2020s. The trucking industry & market landscapes continue to be disrupted at a rapid pace by the CASE (Connectivity, Autonomous, Shared, Safety & Services and Electric) technologies and a multitude of incumbent, technology led industry start-ups further accelerating & catalysing the pace of technology led disruption of the industry with new business models, ideas, solutions & concepts.

Against this rapidly evolving industry and market backdrop providing significant growth opportunities to the entire industry value chain; the report provides a comprehensive analysis on the company starting with a detailed business and financial snapshot, incorporating charts, tables and analysis based on latest financial statements. An insightful & comprehensive SWOT framework analysis is also provided; which is used extensively for scanning, assessment & analysis of the internal as well as external business environment of an organization as part of strategic planning process. The framework generates a snapshot of the company’s inherent strengths & weaknesses as part of the internal environment assessment and outlines potential growth opportunities as well as threats as part of the external environment assessment.

The report also incorporates analysis of key industry trends, issues & challenges and risk factors besides identifying key driving & restraining forces & assessing their potential degree of impact through a force field analysis. The report concludes by providing comprehensive market outlook for the global medium & heavy truck market over medium term with overview of demand projections across key markets & regions.

Relevance & Usefulness:
The report provides insights & inputs to be incorporated into the broader strategic planning & decision making processes and will be essential from a competitive analysis standpoint as well.

The report will be useful for:
• Strategic Planning & Decision-Making process

• Analysis of Near to Medium Term Strategy Focus and Key Strategies & Plans

• Identification of & Insights into Potential Growth Opportunities & Avenues

• Market Evolution & Demand Growth Projections over Next Decade

• Assessing potential impact of emerging Market Trends & Developments

• Contingency planning for current Strategies & Programs

• Identifying & highlighting areas for making potential Strategic Changes, Adjustments & Realignment

• Strategic Perspective on the Business & Strategic Outlook for the company for 2020

• Analysis of Key Industry Trends, Issues & Challenges, Risk Factors & Market Outlook for 2020

For Whom:
The report is a niche, key & vital information resource on Daimler AG with its unique disposition & strategy focus. The report would be quintessential for those having strategic interest in the Company and all those with strategic interest & stakes in the Global Trucking Industry. The report will be extremely useful for Key Decision-Makers, Program Managers, Global Procurement Managers, Top Management of Industry Players & Other Companies, Industry OEMs, Suppliers, Vendors, Associated Equipment Manufacturers and other Key Players in the Industry Value Chain. The report will also be useful for existing & potential Investors, Industry & Company Analysts, M&A Advisory Firms, Strategy & Management Consulting Firms, PE Firms, Venture Capitalists, Financing & Leasing Companies, Researchers and all those associated with the Trucking industry. The report is comprehensive yet concise & compact at the same time; is custom-built for meetings & presentations, being built on the Microsoft PowerPoint platform; in addition, to being a ready self-reckoner as well as a quick reference guide driving, enabling & ensuring prompt and informed decision making.

Features, Benefits & Reasons to Procure:
• Provides Macro View and Big Picture Quickly
• Blend of Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis
• Significant Time Savings
• Visual Representation
• Meetings & Presentation Ready Format
• Superior & Enriched User Experience with Incorporation of Relevant Images