6G Impact on Short-Range Communications and Networking

6G Impact on Short-Range Communications and Networking

  • March 2020 •
  • 21 pages •
  • Report ID: 5875657 •
  • Format: PDF

In many respects, technologies and capabilities beyond 5G (B5G) represent an extension of those initiated with 5G, but in many other aspects, will be a ground-breaking with 6G technology that goes beyond anything anticipated by fifth generation wireless.

Areas that 6G will continue to build upon from 5G include:

- Service Based Architecture

- Integration of Edge Computing with Communications

- Smart Antennas and the use of MIMO and Beam-forming

- Continued focus on Hyper-fast, Ultra-low Latency Solutions

Areas that 6G will bring new challenges include:

- Extreme focus on Local Communications and Networking

- Need for Device-to-Device Signaling, Relay, and Mesh Networks

- Support of Many Micro-operators tying together Networks

This report evaluates the anticipated impact that 6G will have upon short-range communications and networking. The report analyzes opportunities and challenges for connectivity, signaling, and data exchange. The report also assesses the how 6G technology will impact business users including private networks, micro-operators, and more. It also includes forecasts for 6G infrastructure for 2025 to 2030.