Tariff Trends SnapShot Service 2020

Tariff Trends SnapShot Service 2020

  • April 2020 •
  • Report ID: 5881311 •
  • Format: PDF
The Tariff Trends SnapShot Service now in its 8th year provides in-depth analysis of the analyst issues in an easy to read PowerPoint format delivered 20 times a year available for GBP 1,995.00 or alternatively, indiviudal SnapShots can be purchased for GBP 295.00.

With the upcoming 20 issues - 2020 Tariff Trends SnapShot Series - TCL intends to provide analysis of key pricing topics in five main sections including the following:

Latest on trends on new services, mobile payment, 5G,

Regular hot topics – to include updates on the latest in Roaming pricing, IDD pricing 4G & LTE Pricing & Mobile Data pricing

The main mobile applications – to include surveys on the latest pricing for mobile voice, Messaging & Mobile Data

The key markets – to include surveys of pricing in emerging markets and selected MNO pricing strategies

Key Future Trends – Pricing for Segmentation

News and events – to include commentary and analysis on significant breaking news or events.