Health and Weight Management Market

Health and Weight Management Market

  • April 2020 •
  • 128 pages •
  • Report ID: 5881916 •
  • Format: PDF
Report Scope:
This report represents an important business tool for evaluating technologies, trends, products and market participants in the health and weight management sector.The geographic scope of this study is worldwide.

The report identifies the main elements of products, services, and trends in different types of industries.

Report Includes:
- 40 data tables and 24 additional tables
- A descriptive study with an industry analysis of the global health and weight management market
- Analyses of global market trends with data from 2018 and 2019, estimates for 2020, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2025
- Market resaerch data corresponding to obesity-related disease and statistics for fitness and exercising in the general population
- Evaluation of current market size, market trends, and description of products and technologies
- Coverage of services – such as fitness centers and health clubs, slimming centers and commercial weight loss centers, consulting services, and online weight loss programs – in health and weight management related industry
- Market share analysis of key market participants and their competitive landscape covering companies involved in manufacturing and marketing of diet supplements and products, fitness equipment, monitoring devices, and drug development sector
- Insight into the intellectual property and patents, new trends and developments, clinical trials on weight loss medications, and potential markets for future developments
- Company profiles of market-leading players, including Fitbit Inc., Gold’s Gym International Inc., MyFitnessPal, Novo Nordisk A/S and WW International Inc.

Health is defined as the state of physical, mental and social well-being, in which disease is absent.Indeed, in our modern society, many people are aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, including weight management.

However, health/weight maintenance is a difficult task for many people due to sedimentary lifestyles. That is why this market has become such a complex and sophisticated industry.

The overall health and weight management market can be divided into a number of sectors such as -
- Fitness (equipment, health clubs/gyms, personal training services).
- Nutrition and dieting (weight loss programs, meal delivery services, dietary supplements).
- Monitoring industry (fitness and calorie counting apps).
- Drug development (prescription medications and pharmacological therapies).
- Related industries such as surgical approaches, slimming centers and natural medicine (e.g. acupuncture) or behavioral therapy.

Moreover, the health and weight management industry effects other markets such as the diagnostics sector.

The overall industry offers not just products, equipment and services, but entire lifestyle programs and coaching to improve people’s approaches toward nutrition and physical activity. The current global health and weight management market is valued at more than REDACTED, withthe potential to reach REDACTED by 2025.

Obesity is on the rise in many countries (and no longer only in developed countries).Obesity can lead to the onset of other diseases, and therefore has a significant effect on overall healthcare expenses.

Physical activity and proper nutrition are becoming integral parts of many modern societies. Therefore, there is a growing need for related services that most people can afford.

Technology has also an effect on this market, in the form of monitoring devices. Moreover, despite of privacy concerns, the connection to social media makes this technology a popular trend, especially with millennials.