Indian Digital Media Insights, Digital infrastructure, Smartphone Users, Online Video & Audio, Online News, Social Media, Video & Audio Subscription, Global Trends and OTT Platforms

Indian Digital Media Insights, Digital infrastructure, Smartphone Users, Online Video & Audio, Online News, Social Media, Video & Audio Subscription, Global Trends and OTT Platforms

  • May 2020 •
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1. Introduction

2. Executive Summary

3. Growth Drivers

Changing dynamics of movie marketing
Telcos will become the new MSOs

4. Challenges

5. India Digital Media Insights

Digital media grew in 2018
Figure: Digital Media Revenue (INR in Billion), 2017- 2021E

6. Digital infrastructure

Subscriber growth continued strong
The number of active wireless subscribers
Internet Subscribers Grew
Broadband Subscribers
5G and fiber will drive growth
Figure: Mobile Subscriber Growth In (Million), 2017 – 2018
Figure: Internet Penetration by Types of Subscribers in Million, 2017-2018
Figure: India Broadband Subscribers in Million, 2017-2018
Figure: India - Tele Company Broadband Market Share in Percent

7. Smartphone Users

Smartphone users reached 340 million in 2018
Smart / Connected TVs crossed the 10 million mark
Average data consumption doubled in 2018
Indians spent 30% of their phone time on entertainment
Indians downloaded more media apps than ever before
Time spent on M&E apps increased
Figure: India Most Popular Activities on Smart Phones in Percent
Figure: By Categories - Total Downloads by Selected Apps in Million, 2017-2018
Figure: By Category - Average Monthly Time Spent in Android Phones Apps (Monthly Hours Per Users), 2017-2018

8. Online Video

Consumption was led by languages
Catch-up TV remained a favorite on OTT platforms
Figure: World - Highest Per Capita Consumption of Online Video in (Hour per Week)
Figure: By Rank – India Top Video Apps (Entertainment) by Download & MAU

9. Online Audio

Figure: By Audio & Video - United States on Demand Music Streams in Billion, 2013-2018
Figure: By Rank - India Top Audio Apps by Download, Revenue & MAU

10. Online News

Figure: By Rank - India Top News Apps by Download, Revenue & MAU
Figure: India - Category Wise Content Consumption (in Page Views)

11. Social Media

Internet users spent 40% of their time on social media Social media
TikTok became a huge success in 2018
The horizontalization of digital media began in all earnest
Figure: India - Social Media Users in (Million) & Penetration in (Percent), 2015-2022
Figure: India Internet Users Using Each Platform in Percent
Figure: By Country - TikTok App Downloads in 2018 (Millions)

12. Digital Advertising

YouTube remained the largest platform for digital advertising
Share of programmatic ads doubled
Four ad categories spent over a quarter of their total ad spends on digital
Over 300,000 small and medium advertisers used the digital medium
Figure: Digital Ad Market in INR Billion, 2017 – 2021E
Figure: By Rank - India largest Platform For Digital Advertising
Figure: By Rank - India Advertising Category in Percent
Figure: Banner Ads Most Prevalent in (Percent) 2018
Figure: Advertising Modes Share in Percent
Figure: Spends on Digital by Category in Percent
Figure: Digital Advertising by Category Composition (Percent) in 2018

13. Digital Subscription

Telco bundling of content continued to drive high usage
Payment challenges remained
Figure: Digital Subscription by Category in INR Billion, 2017-2021E

14. Video Subscription

Paid video subscribers doubled in 2018
Demand for original content exploded
Indian content went global
The global OTT TV opportunity emerged
Figure: USA and UK Consumers Spent on Digital Content in Percent (One Year)
Figure: Indian and Global E-wallet User Rates (in Percent)

15. Audio Subscription

A number of OTT platforms operated in the market
Paying subscribers remained negligible
Time spent per user has scope to grow
Indians preferred to watch their music

16. Global Trends

Mobile phones drove digital video consumption
Cultural shift away from content ownership
OTT services invested huge amounts in high quality original programming
OTT sports rights drove content inflation
Figure: India Smartphone Penetration to Total Phones in Percent, 2017 – 2019
Figure: India Most popular activities on Smart phones in Percent

17. OTT Platforms

PIL in the Delhi High Court for the regulation of OTT platforms
TRAI issued a ‘Consultation Paper on Regulatory Framework for OTT Communications Services’ dated Nov 2018