COVID-19 Therapy and Vaccine Drug Pipeline and Clinical Trials Report- January 2021 update

COVID-19 Therapy and Vaccine Drug Pipeline and Clinical Trials Report- January 2021 update

  • January 2021 •
  • 2400 pages •
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  • Format: PDF
The comprehensive 2,400 page research study on COVID-19 therapeutic and vaccine pipeline candidates, completed, ongoing and planned clinical trials across phases, countries, companies and institutes/hospitals.

The global COVID-19 market size outlook remains robust driven by huge potential for administration to 2 billion populations, vast diagnostics market revenue outlook, marketing agreements with governments, approval and launch of diverse drugs and ongoing investments in R&D pipeline of COVID-19 will strengthen the market demand.

COVID Pipeline Snapshot, January 2021
COVID-19 pipeline comprises of 639 drug candidates under development as of December 2020. The pipeline is characterized by presence of both large scale companies and small players. Large companies including Novartis, Pfizer, Zydus, Roche, Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline continue to invest in treatment options vaccination candidates.

Among pre-clinical and research phase candidates, several companies are looking for partnering with other companies or universities to advance their research studies.
‘Immunostimulants’ is among the most researched ‘mechanism of action’ in the pipeline.

Among drug and vaccine candidates in clinical trials (Phase 1 to Phase 3), 155 of 263 candidates are new molecular entities.
Of the 639 drug candidates in development, 75 drug/vaccine candidates are identified in Phase 3 while 131 candidates are in Phase 2. 55 candidates are in Phase 1 and 235 candidates are in preclinical study phase. Further, the number of drug and vaccine candidates in research study phase stood at 134.

COVID Clinical Trials Snapshot, 2021
During the observation period, 1726 COVID-19 trials have been initated and an additional 534 clinical trials are planned to commence. Of the total 2260 trials studied in the research, 957 trials are in Phase 2, 748 trials are in Phase 3, 321 trials in Phase 0 and Phase 1, and 228 trials in Phase 4. In terms of enrollment, 70% of subjects are recruited/or planned for Phase 3.
Around 78% of trials are recruiting or planning to recruit subjects for their pipeline product development. Over 26% of trials are directly sponsored by pharmaceutical companies with the remaining 74% being sponsored indirectly by companies or sponsored by institutions.
Among countries, the US stood the largest market worldwide, accounting for 539 clinical trials. Among economy types, advanced and emerging economies share an almost equal volume of trials with the former accounting for 52% of trial count.

Scope of the report-
• COVID-19 pipeline report identifies 650+ companies active in 2021
• Pre-clinical drug candidates, research phase COVID-19 compounds, New Molecular entities, Phase 0, Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, Pre-registration, IND and other phase COVID-19 pipeline products are included
• Business profiles and snapshots of all major companies are presented in the report
• Recent market developments in the COVID-19 vaccines and treatment products
• 1500+ Clinical trials details including snapshot, companies, institutes, phase, start date, completion date, recruitment, enrolment and other details
• Drug candidate, Vaccine candidate details including current status, companies involved, new molecular entity, phase, mechanism of action, recent developments, route of administration and other details analyzed for each candidate