The Global Market for Advanced Anti-Viral Coatings

The Global Market for Advanced Anti-Viral Coatings

  • November 2020 •
  • 263 pages •
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The increased demand for anti-viral coatings is driven by national efforts on COVID-19 response and the cost-benefit to the medical and healthcare industry improving considerably. Major investment by large companies and governments will create significant market opportunities. As well as a huge increase in industry demand, there has been an surge in academic application focused research.

Advanced materials that that display anti-viral action and analysed in this report include:

- Adaptive biomaterials.

- Antibacterial peptides (AMPs).

- Antibacterials liquid metals.

- Nanosilver (NanoAg).

- NanoGold (NanoAu).

- Nanoparticle titanium dioxide (Nano-TiO2).

- Nano Copper(II) chloride (NanoCuCl2).

- Nano Cerium Oxide (NanoCeO2)

- NanoSilica (Nano-SiO2).

- Graphene oxide.

- Nano Zinc Oxide (NanoZnO).

- Carbon nanotubes.

- Fullerenes.

- Chitosan nanoparticles.

- Hydrogels.

- Nanocellulose (cellulose nanofibers and cellulose nanocrystals).

Markets impacted by Anti-Viral Coatings and analysed in this report include:

- Household and indoor surfaces.

- Surfaces for indoor poullutants and improving air quality (Photocatalytic oxidizers, filters and HVAC coatings).

- Medical and healthcare settings (medical surfaces, wound dressings, medical equipment and instruments, fabric supplies scrubs, linens, masks, implants).

- Antibacterial clothing (medical textiles, sportswear, underwear, socks, bedding materials etc.).

- Antibacterial and anti-viral coatings and surfaces in food processing equipment, conveyor belts and preparation surfaces.

- Food packaging.

- Water and air filtration coatings and surfaces.

Also included in this report:

- Profiles of over 150 companies in anti-viral and anti-bacterial coatings.

- Industry focused research in academia.

- Market revenues, by sector.