Functional Foods and Beverages: Global Markets

Functional Foods and Beverages: Global Markets

  • May 2022 •
  • 304 pages •
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Report Scope:
This report studies the global market for functional food and beverages using 2020 as a base year and providing estimates for each year of the forecast period, 2022-2027, with projections for CAGR.The scope of this report is broad and covers global markets for functional food and beverages.

The market is broken down by product type, source, ingredient, function, and region. Projected and forecasted market size estimates are in constant U.S. dollars that have not been adjusted for inflation.

This report provides market insights into the global functional food and beverages market, with specific focus on the U.S., Europe and India and the top ingredients in those countries. It provides an array of information, including market size, expected growth rates, market drivers, restraints and other trends and developments in the market. This market report organizes information from diverse sources into a cohesive unit that includes a comparison of premium versus mass functional products, the functional food and beverages value chain and the evolution of functional food and beverages. Regulations are also covered in the scope of this report.

This report should serve as an analytical and informational business tool with the primary purpose of examining growth in the overall functional food and beverages market, growth in the individual segments of the functional food and beverages industry, subcategories within those segments, new developments in the market, current research and future opportunities in the functional food and beverages industry.

Beyond this, each segment and subsegment of functional food and beverages is examined. Growth rates and reasons for growth in each functional food and beverage segment are provided. This report examines the following segments -

Functional food subcategories -
- Bakery and confectionery.
- Cereal and flour.
- Dairy non-drinkable.
- Frozen fruit and vegetables.
- Meat and seafood.
- Sweet and savory snacks.
- Other functional food.

Functional beverage subcategories -
- Dairy drinkable.
- Energy drinks.
- Fruit and vegetable juices.
- Prebiotic and probiotic drinks.
- Tea and coffee.

Other functional beverages: dairy drinkable, energy drinks, fruit and vegetable juices, prebiotic and probiotic drinks, tea and coffee and more.

The report also analyzes the global functional food and beverages market in terms of source, ingredient, function, and region.The sources covered are plant-based, animal-based and microbe-based.

The ingredients covered are amino acids, carotenoids, dietary fibers, fatty acids, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals and other ingredients.The functions covered are gut and digestive health, cardiac health, cognitive health, general wellness and immunity, weight management and other functions.

The regional markets covered are North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America and the Middle East and Africa.

This report also includes a discussion of the major players in each regional market for functional food and beverages.It explains the main market drivers of the global functional food and beverages market, current trends within the industry and the regional dynamics of the functional food and beverages market.

The report concludes with detailed profiles of major global vendors in the functional food and beverages industry.

Report Includes -

- 275 data tables and 30 additional tables
- An overview of the global market for functional foods and beverages within the industry
- Estimation of the market size and analyses of global market trends, with data from 2021, estimates for 2022 and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2027
- Identification and analysis of the global functional foods and beverages market based on key product segments such as functional foods and functional beverages
- Estimation of the actual market size and revenue forecasts for the functional foods and beverages market, and corresponding market share analysis on the basis of product types, sources, types of ingredients, functions and key geographical regions
- Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the growth of functional foods and beverages market vs. the overall global economy
- Information on international regulations of functional food and beverage products such as Codex Alimentarius (Food Code) and FOSHU labelling regulation and classification of functional foods for regulatory purposes
- Market share analysis of the key companies of the industry and coverage of events like mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, collaborations or partnerships, and other key market strategies and a relevant patent analysis
- Discussion on company profiles of the important players in the functional foods and beverages industry, including Chr. Hansen Inc., Hain Celestial Group, Kraft Foods, Nestle, PepsiCo Inc., and Unilever

Functional food and beverages are defined as any food, beverage or food component that may provide health benefits beyond basic nutrition.Functional food and beverages go beyond meeting the minimum daily nutritional requirements of an individual.

These products are reputed to reduce the risk of disease or promote good health.Functional food and beverages offer health-promoting ingredients or natural components with potential benefits for the human body.

A functional food and beverage can be a whole food, or it can be a food that contains or has been fortified with ingredients that have a beneficial effect on physical or mental health.

The global functional food and beverages market has grown exponentially in the last few years and this growth is expected to continue.The market is driven by rising health concerns, an aging global population and growing per capita income in developing countries.

The global functional food and beverages market is facing various challenges: high prices for functional food and beverage products and a lack of awareness about functional food and beverages. Due to exponential growth, there are many potential opportunities to enter the global functional food and beverages market. There also is opportunity for contract manufacturers of functional food to improve product manufacturing and
delivery time. Increasing industry regulation, worldwide, new product launches and an upswing in acquisitions drive growth in the global functional food and beverages market.

Reasons for Doing This Study:
This study is intended to provide a close look at the functional food and beverages industry, providing a timely and accurate view of the overall industry and its smaller market segments, the government regulations that are important to the industry and the food manufacturers who are leading the industry.The World Health Organization’s statistics for global levels of obesity and its related diseases are cause for concern.

It is projected that cardiovascular disease (CVD), high blood pressure (HBP), high cholesterol and obesity will grow in the years to come.Cholesterol reduction, CVD and osteoporosis are the most attractive functions of functional food and beverages, followed by child development, high blood pressure (HBP), diabetes, gastrointestinal (GI) disorders, menopause, and lactose intolerance.

A number of factors are driving the demand for functional food and beverages, including a noticeable increase in health concerns, improved government support through various subsidies, a larger elder population and growing per-capita income in developing countries.Currently, individuals are highly likely to self-medicate through nutraceuticals, functional food, organic food, botanicals and over-thecounter (OTC) drugs.

There is a lot of skepticism regarding big pharma and people are turning to more natural ways of healing and disease prevention.

The functional food industry is rapidly growing as a result of industry research that demonstrates a link between diet and health; the increasing number of FDA-approved health claims on packages that clearly explain the link between functional ingredients and better health and the barrage of media attention paid to the link between healthful eating and healthier living.These three factors, combined with a consumer interest in maintaining better health without the use of prescription drugs, is setting the functional food industry up for unprecedented growth.

Tracking and predicting growth related to these factors is one of the reasons for doing this study.

Increasing consumer demand for functional food and beverage products is also helping market players via the launch of a variety of new and innovative products.Currently, changes due to technology and innovation allow manufacturers to produce functional food and beverages targeted toward both specific and general health issues.

Regulatory authorities in different countries set standards and regulations for the promotion of safe and healthy functional food and beverage products.

This report covers aspects of functional food and beverage demand trends and market opportunities. It also examines the overall global functional food and beverages market and the market penetration of functional food and beverages in different regions.