The Global Market for Natural Fibres 2020-2030

The Global Market for Natural Fibres 2020-2030

  • January 2021 •
  • 160 pages •
  • Report ID: 6007683 •
  • Format: PDF
There are global concerns regarding the use of non-renewable materials in manufacturing, and increasing environmental legislation. There is pressure, both consumer and regulatory, for products that are more environmentally friendly and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. As a result, the use of natural fibers in products and composites will continue to grow as major contributors towards a biobased economy.

Natural fibers are either plant-based (ligno) cellulosics, animal-based protein fibers or inorganic polymers. They possess advantages over synthetic fibres including widespread availability, low cost, low density, acceptable modulus-weight ratio, high acoustic damping, low manufacturing energy consumption, low carbon footprint and biodegradability.

Report contents include:

- Market drivers for natural fibers. 

- Market trends. 

- Global revenues for natural fibers 2020-2030, by fiber types, market and region. 

- Technology challenges. 

- Covid-19 market impact. 

- Analysis of types of natural fibers. 

- Markets for natural fibers, including composites, aerospace, automotive, construction & building, sports & leisure, textiles, consumer products and packaging. 

- Profiles of 67 natural fiber companies. Companies profiled include Ananas Anam, BASF, Bast Fiber Technologies Inc., BComp, Circular Systems, Evrnu, Natural Fiber Welding, Icytos and many more.