The Global Market for Graphene and 2D Materials 2021-2031

The Global Market for Graphene and 2D Materials 2021-2031

  • February 2021 •
  • 610 pages •
  • Report ID: 6007776 •
  • Format: PDF
The market for graphene has grown hugely in the past decade, with numerous products now on the market and more to come as graphene producers record steadily increasing revenues and OEMs witnessing significant returns in clothing, sportswear, footwear, tires, batteries etc. Graphene is attracting increasing attention from investors, researchers and industrial players due to exceptional mechanical, electronic, and thermal properties. Graphene is available in multi-ton quantities from many producers and has been identified by many industry sectors as a key materials that will drive future product development in flexible electronics, smart textiles, biosensors, drug delivery, water filtration, supercapacitors and more.

The Global Market for Graphene 2021-2031 is the most comprehensive and up-to date report on graphene currently available, by the world’s leading market authority on graphene. Profiling 286 companies, the report provides key information for investors and executives to enable them to understand and take advantage of the opportunities provided by graphene (other 2D materials are also covered).

The Global Market for Graphene 2021-2031 contains:

- Unique market assessment tools to assess the viability of graphene, by market, and application.

- Tabular data on current graphene products.

- Market assessment of other 2D materials.

- Assessment of graphene by market including applications, key benefits, market megatrends, market drivers for graphene, technology drawbacks, competing materials, potential consumption of graphene to 2031 and main players.

- Graphical depictions of graphene applications by market.

- In depth-assessment of graphene producer and distributor pricing in 2020.

- Global market for graphene in tons, by sector, historical and forecast to 2031. Global graphene market size split by market in 2019 and for each application to 2030.

- Full list of technology collaborations, strategic partnerships, and M&As in the global graphene market including collaboration dates.

- In-depth profiles of 280 graphene producers and application/product developers including products, production capacities, manufacturing methods, collaborations, licensing, customers and target markets. Companies profiled include Directa Plus, Global Graphene Group, ZEN Graphene Solutions, HP1 Technologies Ltd, GrapheneCA, Saint Jean Carbon, SafeLi LLC, Versarien, Talga Resources, Archer Materials, Haydale Graphene, Paragraf, Graphenea and many more.

- List of ex-graphene producers.

- Detailed forecasts for key growth areas, opportunities and demand.

- Market impact of COVID-19 crisis on the graphene market, by end user industry.

- Market overview of industry developments in 2020.

- Analysis of 2D materials market including Boron Nitride nanotubes (BNNTs), hexagonal boron-nitride (BNNS), transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDC), Mxenes, Borophene, Phosphorene, Graphitic carbon nitride, Germanene, Graphyne, graphane, Rhenium disulfide (ReS2) and diselenide (ReSe2), silicene, Stanene/tinene, Tungsten diselenide, Antimonene, diamene and indium selenide.

Additional content from the previous edition includes:

- Review of market in 2020.

- Outlook for market in 2021.

- Expanded graphene quantum dots chapter.

- SWOT analysis.

- Industry supply chain analysis.

- Assessment of key global players.

- Analysis of market in China.

- Analysis of audio equipment and sporting goods market.