United States Toys Market by Segments, Sales Channel, Company Analysis, Forecast

United States Toys Market by Segments, Sales Channel, Company Analysis, Forecast

  • April 2021 •
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United States Toys Market by Segments, Sales Channel, Company Analysis, Forecast

The toys play a big part in the kid’s happiness equation.
Toys and games range from dolls & stuffed toys, construction sets & models, cards games, puzzles, toys for toddlers & kids, plastic & other toys and video games consoles. They come with a natural value that adds to the overall advancement of children. Toys help the children to communicate their emotions and advance their creativity. The toys are a great way to de-stress and help in improving cognitive, physical and social skills. In recent years, in the United States, growth in interactive and multi-functional toys and games has considerably influenced the toys market. According to This new report, United States Toys Market is expected to reach US$ 34.20 Billion by 2026.

Furthermore, sustainability is an upcoming potential trendsetter in the toys market. A range of environment-friendly products, including wooden baby toys, plastic-free games for kids, recycled plastic bath games, and organic cotton stuffed animals, is increasingly becoming popularly, thereby promoting sustainability. Moreover, the extensive use of Construction Sets & Models to teach communication skills and language arts to kids and adults fuelled this segment’s growth in the United States Toys Market. As per our analysis, United States Toy Industry is expected to grow marginally with a CAGR of 0.25% from 2020 to 2026.

Additionally, the evolution of E-commerce sales channels has made various categories of toys easily accessible to consumers. E-commerce is enjoying success as consumers move towards online shopping, and this trend is set to continue over the coming years. Apart from this, the advancement of high-tech electronic toys, depicting action and experimental games such as virtual reality gaming, has contributed to the toys market’s overall growth. The Toy Association in the United States also supports games’ benefits by educating parents on selecting age-appropriate and learning-based toys for their children.

In the United States, major market players are Mattel Inc., Lego, Hasbro, Inc, Funko, Inc and Spin Master Corp. Further, they are also launching innovative products and affordable ranges that help build children’s skills and concepts. Besides, they continuously focus on new product development and mergers and acquisitions to optimise their offerings and partner with local or regional players. As per our research findings, Toys Market in United States for the year 2020 was US$ 33.70 Billion.

In 2020, amidst COVID-19, the most challenging phase for the different global markets, the United States Toys Market had seen a boom into the market. The toy market has officially managed to maintain its momentum and achieve a growth level that has never been before seen. The reality very much underpins the industry’s resilience that families took toys to help keep their children engaged, active, and delighted in times of hardship.

The report titled “United States Toys Market by Segments (Dolls & Stuffed Toys, Construction Sets & Models, Cards Games, Puzzles, Toys for Toddlers & Kids, Plastic & Others Toys, Video Games-Consoles), Sales Channel (Department Stores, E-Commerce, Mass Merchandisers, Toy & Hobby Store, Hypermarket, Others) Company Analysis (Mattel Inc., Lego, Hasbro, Inc, Funko, Inc., Spin Master Corp.)" provides complete analysis on Toys Industry in United States.

Segments – United States Toys Market has been covered from 7 viewpoints
1. Dolls & Stuffed Toys
2. Construction Sets & Models
3. Cards Games
4. Puzzles
5. Toys for Toddlers & Kids
6. Plastic & Others Toys
7. Video Games Consoles

Sales Channel – United States Toys Market by has been covered from 6 viewpoints
1. Department Stores Toys Market
2. E-Commerce Toys Market
3. Mass Merchandisers
4. Toy & Hobby Store
5. Hypermarket
6. Others Toys Market

All companies have been covered from 3 viewpoints
1. Overviews
2. Recent Developments
3. Revenues

Company Analysis
1. Mattel Inc.
2. Lego
3. Hasbro,Inc
4. Funko, Inc.
5. Spin Master Corp.