China Online Gaming Market By Number of Users, Category, Age Group, Segments, Company Analysis, Forecast

China Online Gaming Market By Number of Users, Category, Age Group, Segments, Company Analysis, Forecast

  • April 2021 •
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China Online Gaming Market By Number of Users, Category, Age Group, Segments, Company Analysis, Forecast

The fading boundary between the online game and real life is changing the online gaming industry in China.
Video and online games are quickly changing culture and are creating a synthetic world. There has been a unique culture that evolved around the Chinese online gaming world. In China, online gaming, internet users are considered equivalent to the TV shows for American baby boomers. Chinese companies designed online game is getting more popular among users worldwide. According to the research, China Online Gaming Market will reach to US$ 86 Billion by 2027.

Due to the surging popularity of online games in China, companies worldwide are entering the market by acquiring Chinese companies’ share or taking sponsorships of professional players. The popularity of eSports is one of the main reasons for the growth of the gaming industry in China as many players participate in gaming competition that is also broadcasted online. As per this research study, China Online Gaming Industry will grow with a CAGR of 5.79% during 2020-2027.

China is one of the most gainful markets for the gaming industry globally. The online gaming market has appeared as the most influential and transforming segment in China. It has been witnessing a series of developments driven by increasing Internet and broadband infiltration, double-digit growth in online gaming users, rapid product development and commercialization. The rise of Chinese online gamers’ per capita income has reinforced the china online gaming market significantly. As per our research findings, the Online Games Market in China was valued US$ 58 Billion in 2020.

Furthermore, 5G technologies have also given rise to the mobile-based VR gaming market in the Chinese region. In May 2020, Archiact had a partnership with Migu, a telecom provider China Mobile subsidiary, for Archiact’s games that would be the first VR games to be playable via Migu’s 5G cloud gaming platform, named as Migu Quick Gaming.

Mobile Online Games dominates the Online Games Market in China and is expected to witness significant demand during the forecast period. Besides due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the market has seen relatively higher growth. With a large consumer base in the mobile online game market, specifically between the age range of 13–20 years with good internet connectivity, the adoption of numerous new games are expected to increase, thereby turning the mobile-based device into a powerful gaming platform. We have covered companies like Tencent, NetEase, Kingsoft, Changyou, Shanda Online Games are the top key players in the China Online Gaming market.

The report titled “China Online Gaming Market, Number of Users, Category (Mobile, PC Online Client Games, Web), Age Group (below 19, 19-25, (26+37) Years, Segments (Large Client Games, Platform Games, Social Games, Other Games), Company Analysis (Tencent, NetEase, Kingsoft, Changyou, Shanda)” provides a comprehensive analysis of the online gaming market in China.

Category – Market breakup from 3 viewpoints
1. Mobile Online Games Market
2. PC Online / Client Games Market
3. Web Games Market

Age Group –Market breakup from 3 viewpoints
1. Age Bracket (Below 19 Years)
2. Age Bracket (19 - 25 Years)
3. Age Bracket (26+37)

Segments –Market breakup from 4 viewpoints
1. Large Client Games
2. Platform Games
3. Social Games
4. Other Games

Users – Numbers breakup from 3 viewpoints
1. Online Gaming Users
2. Mobile Online Games Users
3. PC Online Client’s Games Users

Companies have been covered from 3 viewpoints
1. Overviews
2. Recent Developments
3. Revenues

Company Analysis
1. Tencent
2. NetEase
3. Kingsoft
4. Changyou
5. Shanda