Key Trends in Gastronomy Tourism

Key Trends in Gastronomy Tourism

  • May 2021 •
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Key Trends in Gastronomy Tourism

Gastronomy tourism is a key sub-sector of cultural tourism and is growing in popularity as travelers look to expand their horizons. Some destinations are very well-positioned to appeal to this trend, while others are starting to develop a reputation as centers of culinary excellence.

Key Highlights
- Activity-based - The activity-based perspective defines gastronomy tourism based on the involvement of the tourist in food or drink related experiences. From this perspective, gastronomy tourism can be the physical experience of food and tourist involvement in wider food-related activities such as visitation to sites of food production, cooking classes, or food-theme events. The activity-perspective can be held by primary and secondary gastronomy tourists.
- Motivation-based - From the motivation-based perspective, the desire to experience cuisine or food related activities in a specific destination is an important motive for destination choice. Food is one of the motivating factors, if not the only one. This perspective is only held by primary gastronomy tourists.
- Mixed-perspective - A mixed-perspective approach to gastronomy tourism means that the consumption of food and drink at a destination is a tourist and visitor activity, which is undertaken by primary and secondary gastronomy tourists. However, it is an activity which is motivated by the interest of local gastronomy and is not done just to meet the need of relieving hunger. This perspective is more regularly held by primary gastronomy tourists.
- Destination-oriented - The fourth main perspective looks at gastronomy tourism from a destination point of view. Gastronomy tourism is positioned as either one element contributing to larger forms of tourism, such as cultural tourism, or it is classed as an independent form of tourism. Many destinations now consider this type of tourism to be an element of larger concepts such as the overall tourism product. Although food is one element of the tourism product, destinations have begun to truly understand and appreciate the importance of food and drink as a selling point of the marketing and management of tourism strategies.

- This report provides analysis of traveler types and key market trends which are contributing to a key segment within tourism currently - gastronomy tourism.
- Major and upcoming destinations are assessed, along with an analysis of key trends to provide valuable insight. Challenges along with opportunities in the industry are explained in relation to industry examples.

Reasons to Buy
- Gain an insight into the key trends in the gastro tourism space.
- Look at the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on this industry
- Gain a detailed understanding of the key trends, issues and challenges facing providers
- Understand the different types of gastro tourists and how you can market to them effectively

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