Global Military Aviation Turbofan Engines Market - Top 4 OEMs - Strategy Brief - 2021-2023 - Rolls Royce, Pratt & Whitney, GE Aviation, Safran

Global Military Aviation Turbofan Engines Market - Top 4 OEMs - Strategy Brief - 2021-2023 - Rolls Royce, Pratt & Whitney, GE Aviation, Safran

  • June 2021 •
  • 100 pages •
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  • Format: PDF
1. Introduction & Backdrop

This Strategy Brief report analyses & provides comprehensive insights into the Strategic Positioning, Priorities, Responsiveness and Key Strategies & Plans for the Top 4 OEMs in the Global Military Aviation Turbofan Engines market based on a holistic assessment & comprehensive analysis of Strategic Initiatives, Business Developments and Strategic Moves & Measures being undertaken by them against the backdrop of an rapidly evolving market landscape & shifting global dynamics.

The Global Military Aviation Turbofan Engines market has been on a strong growth trajectory propelled by an unprecedented resurgence witnessed in defense spending over the recent years driven by the rapid evolution of geopolitical dynamics & equations with a major shake-up & whittling down of the traditional, rule-based world order with a militarily ascending China and a resurgent Russia.

The Global Defense spending has been on a major upswing; registering a 2.6% year on year increase to reach $1.98 trillion for 2020 despite a 4.4% decline in world GDP; led by the return to great power competition amongst leading geopolitical powers spearheaded by the R&D-led technological evolution. However, the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic globally in early 2020 has put tremendous pressure on government finances across most parts of the world with the same likely to impact defense spending across traditional markets most significantly over near term.

2. Relevance & Usefulness: Strategic Planning, Analysis & Decision-Making Process

The report analyses & provides key insights into the key strategies & plans being drafted & pursued by the military aviation engine manufacturers to navigate their way through the present macro-environmental uncertainty & difficult global economic conditions necessitating extreme strategic nimbleness & deftness in the post pandemic world. The analysis includes:-

1. Key upcoming programs being focused upon by the OEMs to derive medium term growth
2. Strategies being developed to partially offset the projected pressure on defense spending across traditional markets
3. Technologies being focused upon
4. Key Contract Awards and Developments
5. Key Growth Opportunities from the Medium Term Perspective

3. For Whom: Key Decision-Makers across Industry Value Chain

• Key Decision-Makers
• Program & Procurement Managers, Defense Departments & Executives
• Top Management of Industry Players & Other Companies
• Industry OEMs & Technology/Other Solutions Providers
• Suppliers, Vendors and other Key Players in the Industry Value Chain
• Associated Equipment Manufacturers & Technology Solutions Providers
• Existing & Potential Investors
• Industry & Company Analysts
• M&A Advisory Firms
• Strategy & Management Consulting Firms
• Researchers and all those associated with Military Aviation and/or the Aerospace & Defense industry

4. Features, Benefits & Reasons to Procure:-

• Quick Macro View and Big Picture Analysis
• Blend of Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis for Strategic Planning Process
• Quality & Reliability backed by over a decade of Research and Coverage of the Industry
• Detailed Analysis on OEMs
• Visual Representation enabling Easy Comprehension
• Meetings & Presentation Ready Format for Quick Application
• Superior & Enriched User Experience with Incorporation of Relevant Images, Graphs & Infographics