Robotics in Power, 2021 Update - Thematic Research

Robotics in Power, 2021 Update - Thematic Research

  • October 2021 •
  • 83 pages •
  • Report ID: 6177289 •
  • Format: PDF
Robotics in Power, 2021 Update - Thematic Research

Robotics is witnessing an increasing presence across multiple industries, with the Energy and Utilities (E&U) industry not being an exception.Robotics is now becoming an increasingly crucial tool in the E&U segment for keeping their operations functional and optimized, especially during events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, when remote monitoring of power infrastructure with minimal operators at site was made possible with the help of robots and drones.

Other than its applications across various segments such as transmission and distribution (T&D), wind, solar, nuclear and thermal, robotics is making it way in disruptive applications like helping with faster renewable energy installations, automated cable jointing for underground applications, to revolutionizing utility excavation system and undertaking repair of confined places of pressure vessels.

The report provides -
- A comprehensive analysis of the present scenario and emerging market trends in the global robotics industry.
- The report explores the impact of robotics in the power industry and its disruptive applications.
- The report highlights major use cases for robotics and also explores case studies in the power sector.
- Extensive analysis of the robotics industry, patent trends, robotic patent filings, key mergers and acquisitions and significant milestones in the journey of robotics.
- The report also highlights leading adopters of robotic technology in the power sector.

Reasons to Buy
- This report looks at the state of the global robotics industry and its applications in the power sector.
- The report looks at the big technology trends in the robotics industry as a whole, then zooming in on some of the key robotics trends in the power sector.
- The report also provides an overview of the robotics value chain, which is highly dependent on specific use cases.
- The report offers an industry analysis and an overview of the impact of robotics in the power sector, including case studies and use cases.
- The report identifies some of the leading power companies in robotics and categorises their position in the emerging robotics landscape.

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