Engineering Microorganisms into Powerful Micromachines: Can Synthetic Biology Foster Bio-Revolution??

Engineering Microorganisms into Powerful Micromachines: Can Synthetic Biology Foster Bio-Revolution??

  • October 2021 •
  • 72 pages •
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  • Format: PDF
Engineering Microorganisms into Powerful Micromachines: Can Synthetic Biology Foster Bio-Revolution??

Achieving global goals such as mass-scale food production and sustainable low-cost manufacturing methods is the need of the hour.Synthetic Biology (SynBio) is a field of science that has grown over the last two decades to emerge as a mature area in biological engineering with its potential to reduce the costs of biological production methods and improve the global food supply.

It also can be crucial to create patient-centric drugs and promote precision medicine for better health outcomes. This report highlights the importance of SynBio in the design and creation of biological entities that do not exist in nature or reengineer existing biological systems to develop products like medicines, chemicals, ingredients, and advanced materials to revolutionize the way we live and build a sustainable economy.

SynBio overview and its key applications across industries, use-cases and major stakeholders in each industry, the noise created in the media, VC investment trends, real-world innovation use cases and examples related to the implementation of SynBio, trends in patent filings and grants, and the future potential of SynBio.

- Technology Decoding: presents the technology overview, key features, market drivers, major applications, and a market map with potential use cases and popular players (startups as well as enterprises).
- Media Analysis: highlights the technology presentation from the media perspective - major news, and lauds from the social media promoting the technology. Also, includes mentions of the technology from company annual and other filings.
- Investment Radar: outlines the venture capital funding trends with some of the popular deals, the most funded startups, and notable investors and accelerators pumping millions into the technology growth.
- Innovation Explorer: introduces game-changing company innovations with a spotlight on startups. Select corporate-startup partnerships inclined at future product developments are also mentioned.
- IP Landscaping: provides a broad-level analysis of the trends in patent filings and grants, priority countries, and key patent filers in the technology.
- The Road Ahead: summarizes the drivers and challenges, use cases that can become successful with business leaders, potential applications in new horizons, and the outlook of the technology.

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