Global Market Study on Analog ICs: High Growth Anticipated in Consumer Electronics, Wireless Communication, and Automotive Applications

Global Market Study on Analog ICs: High Growth Anticipated in Consumer Electronics, Wireless Communication, and Automotive Applications

  • September 2021 •
  • 177 pages •
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Analog IC Market: Report Scope
Persistence Market Research offers a ten-year forecast for the global analog IC market, and has used multiple resources of information and analysis to estimate the global revenue.

The research methodology to study this market is based on forecasts that focus on both global as well as regional trends in the economy, technology and population, along with company, product, country and demography specific trends. These trends are analyzed thoroughly and underlying factors are also identified.

While examining this report, economic, technological, institutional, behavioral and competitive factors have been taken into consideration that may affect the global analog IC market. To understand the market, forecasting models have been developed in order to quantify the impact of each of these factors on industry spending.

Analysts have created the forecast scenario for each causative factor and have also identified the contribution of each factor on a prospective basis.

Apart from annual spending figures, the scenario of each application segment, respective consumer spending and country-wise adoption rates of analog IC have also been taken into account while inspecting this market for the projected period of 2021-2031.

In order to represent the impact of these figures on annual spending, annual averages are used rather than year-end totals while studying the global analog IC market. Figures are estimated in local currencies for each country and then converted to US dollars (US$) using the average 2021 exchange rate, which is held constant for each historical year and forecast year.

This means the figures reflect industry trends, rather than being distorted by fluctuations in international exchange rates.

Current Scenario of the Global Analog IC Market

Analog remains one of the most diverse and profitable markets in the entire semiconductor industry.

New platforms and technologies coupled with SoC and analog/mixed-signal integrations will be the next pull-through that moves analog into an exciting and more competitive market
The impending market change for analog is supported by the demands for medical, energy solutions and LED lighting, in addition to the continued strength of consumer demand for electronics, especially smartphones, notebooks and tablets
With significant shortages and a lower number of competitors in the market, compared to the broader semiconductor market, analog IC market is poised to undergo significant changes with respect to technologies, competitive landscapes, and increased integration into chip-based solutions
While considering the product life cycle stages of the global analog IC market, the expert analysts have come up to a conclusion that historically, amplifiers and data converters have been the important quality of analog IC design, with designers specialized in continually improving those blocks for higher precision, higher performance, and better noise immunity.

Presently analog IC design also involves the integration of multiple functions focusing towards specific applications. Low power and the more integrated signal chain is the requirement for most end user segments nowadays competing in this market.

Economic Fluctuations Not Considered While Forecasting Market Numbers

While estimating market size, the analyst has considered the product portfolio of the companies profiled, along with some other players. Economic fluctuations have not been considered while forecasting market numbers.

Macroeconomic indicators such as GDP, wholesale and retail trade, merchandise trade and prices have been considered to arrive at the indicated market numbers.

Yearly change in inflation rate has not been considered while forecasting market numbers. Top-down approach has been used to assess market numbers for each product category, while bottom-up approach has been used to counter-validate the reached numbers and end-use application-wise market numbers while studying this market.

This research report provides a detailed analysis of the global analog IC market and offers insights on the various factors driving the popularity of these products and devices. The market study provides a comprehensive assessment of stakeholder strategies and imperatives for succeeding in the business.

The report segregates the market based on mobile analytics solutions across different regions globally. The report includes analysis of key trends, drivers and restraints from the supply, demand and economy side, which are influencing the global analog IC market.

Impact analysis of key growth drivers and restraints, based on the weighted average model is included in this report to facilitate clients with crystal clear decision-making insights.

To calculate the global analog IC market size, the report considers country-wise consumer electronics production, country-wise automobile sales, consumer spending, adoption rates of automotive telematics devices and services across regions and revenue contribution of the top players.

Forecasts presented here assess the total revenue by value across the market. In order to offer an accurate forecast, the report starts by sizing the current market, which forms the basis of how the global analog IC market will develop in the future.

Given the characteristics of the market, the outcome is triangulated on the basis of different types of analyses based on the technology trends.