Potential Commercial Impact of Beijing Winter Olympic Games 2022

Potential Commercial Impact of Beijing Winter Olympic Games 2022

  • December 2021 •
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Potential Commercial Impact of Beijing Winter Olympic Games 2022

This report analyses the potential commercial impact of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.The report is split into two sections.

The first section analyses what the expected impact of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics was pre-COVID-19, with a focus on the socioeconomic impact of previous Olympic Games, the commercial rights investments into Beijing 2022, ticketing and Beijing 2022 construction projects.. The second section of the report analyses the impact of COVID-19 on Beijing 2022, looking at COVID-19 policies for Beijing 2022, the current cases and vaccine landscape in China, visitation scenarios for Beijing 2022, the impact of COVID-19 and the current geopolitical environment on Beijing 2022 sponsors and broadcasters, tourism related advertisements and the tourism legacy of Beijing 2022.

The Olympic Games are utilised by host nations and cities as a means of generating both local and national economic stimulation through mass tourism and spending and can often act as a catalyst for a new era of socioeconommic developmment for a country.The 2022 Winter Olympics is set to be a historic mulestone for the Olympic Movement as Beijing becomes the first city to host both the Summer and Winter Games after the 2008 Summer Olympics 13 years ago.

However, the build up to the Beijing Winter Olympics has been marred by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and rising geopolitical tensions.There remains a high degree of operational uncertainty, whilst recent claims against China’s human rights records has led to threats of diplomatic boycotts of the Games, with the US announcing it will send no state officials to Beijing.

Considering the aforementioned factors, this report seeks to analyse the the potential commercial impact of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

Commercially, Beijing 2022 was set to be one of the biggest Winter Olympics to date.It is projected that the 2021-24 Olympic cycle will generate around $3 billion in revenue from the TOP programme - a record for the IOC.

It is expected that sponsorship will grow in significance in comparison to broadcasting revenues in this Olympic cycle.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has casted doubts on the operational uncertainty and commercial impact of the Beijing Winter Olympics, with full details regarding venue capacities and ticketing details yet to be released two months prior to the game. International spectators have been prohibited from attending the Games.

- This report provides an overview of the potential impact of Beijing 2022 in a COVID-19 world.
- It analyses the impact of previous Olympic Games to make projections for the impact of Beijing 2022.
- It analyses the impact of COVID-19 on a range of stakeholders involved in Beijing 2022

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