US Hard Surface Flooring Market, Freedonia

US Hard Surface Flooring Market, Freedonia

US hard surface flooring demand to rise 6.1% per annum through 2019

Demand for hard surface flooring in the US is forecast to advance 6.1 percent per year to 11.3 billion square feet in 2019, valued at $16.7 billion. Growth will be spurred by increases in building construction expenditures and improvement and repair spending. Gains will also be fueled by interest in hard surface flooring as an alternative to traditional installed car-peting. Consumers such as homeowners and owners and managers of hospitals, hotels, and commercial centers will select hard surface flooring because of its favor-able performance properties, such as durability and low maintenance requirements. Many consumers will choose hard surface flooring because it enhances the appearance and value of their floors.

Vinyl flooring to post most rapid gains in demand

Among all hard surface flooring types, vinyl flooring is expected to post the most rapid gains in demand going forward, driven by the increasing use of luxury vinyl tile (LVT). Consumers in both the residential and nonresidential markets will increasingly install this material due to its glossy surface and its ability to mimic more expensive materials, such as hardwood flooring and decorative tile. Hardwood and decorative tile flooring de-mand will also rise at a strong pace going forward. Hardwood flooring demand will be boosted by aesthetic concerns, while decorative tile demand will be supported by its moderate cost and long lifespan.

Residential market to be fastest growing

The residential market, which accounted for the largest share of hard surface flooring demand in 2014, is expected to see the most rapid growth of all markets through 2019. Gains in housing completions will fuel demand in the new housing segment, while the efforts of homeowners to improve the aesthetics of their houses will support replacement and remodeling demand growth. Advances will also come from consumer interest in utilizing hard surface flooring in rooms -- such as living and dining areas -- where carpeting has predominated over the last few decades. Homeowners will select such materials as hardwood, vinyl, and decorative tile based on their long lifespans and pleasing appearance.
Nonresidential demand for hard surface flooring is projected to rise 5.8 percent annually through 2019. Double-digit annual advances in office and commercial construction will boost demand as more structures such as shopping malls and office buildings -- where hard surface flooring is often specified because of its durability and slip resistance -- are erected. The institutional segment will also support demand as owners and managers of healthcare and educational facilities install hard surface flooring due to its low maintenance qualities and ability to improve indoor air quality.

Domestically produced products to gain on imports

Imports accounted for more than half of all hard surface flooring demand in 2014 and will continue to do so through 2019. Materials such as tile and vinyl flooring are often made in China and other Asian nations with low production costs. However, domestically produced hard surface flooring will take market share through 2019. Rising demand and low energy costs will spur manufacturers of LVT, laminate, and decorative tile to expand existing plants and construct new production plants in the US.

Study coverage

This upcoming Freedonia industry study, Hard Surface Flooring, presents historical demand data (2004, 2009 and 2014) plus forecasts (2019 and 2024) by product and market. The study also considers market environment factors, evaluates company market share and profiles 36 US industry players.




General 4
Macroeconomic Trends 5
Consumer Trends 9
Consumer Spending 10
Consumer Financing 13
Demographic Trends 15
Building Construction Trends 20
Residential Buildings 22
Housing Completions 24
Residential Floor Space 29
Improvements & Repairs 31
Nonresidential Buildings 33
New Construction 34
Nonresidential Building Floor Space 36
Improvements & Repairs 39
Transportation Equipment Trends 41
Motor Vehicles 41
Other Transportation Equipment 44
Pricing 47
Installed Costs 49
Historical Market Trends 53
Environmental & Regulatory Issues 56
Recycling 57
Materials Renewability & Sustainability 59
Green Building Practices 62
Other Certification Programs 64
Indoor Air Quality 65
Particulates & VOCs 65
Formaldehyde 66
Lacey Act 69
World Hard Surface Flooring Outlook 70
Foreign Trade 73
Imports 75
Exports 79
Competitive Floor Coverings Outlook 80


General 83
Supply & Demand 84
Resilient Flooring 89
Vinyl Flooring 92
Luxury Vinyl Tile 95
Vinyl Sheet 99
Vinyl Composition & Other Tile 103
Market Share 106
Other Resilient Flooring 108
Rubber 109
Linoleum 111
Cork 112
Asphalt & Other 114
Nonresilient Flooring 114
Decorative Tile Flooring 118
Product Types 122
Product Characteristics 124
Market Share 126
Wood Flooring 128
Solid Wood Flooring 130
Engineered Wood Flooring 133
Market Share 137
Laminate Flooring 138
Products 141
Market Share 144
Other Nonresilient Flooring 145
Seamless Flooring 147
All Other 148
Bamboo 149
Grating 150
Polished Concrete 150
Stone Slabs 151
Tempered Glass 152
Leather 152


General 153
Residential Buildings 156
New Construction 161
Replacement & Remodeling 164
Demand by Housing Type 167
Single-Family 168
Multifamily 173
Manufactured Housing 177
Nonresidential Buildings 180
New Construction 184
Replacement & Remodeling 187
Demand by Building Type 191
Office & Commercial 193
Institutional 199
Industrial 203
Other Nonresidential Buildings 205
Transportation Equipment 209
Motor Vehicles 210
Other Transportation Equipment 212


General 215
Industry Composition 216
Market Share 219
Competitive Strategies 223
Product Development 225
Vinyl Flooring 226
Laminate Flooring 227
Wood Flooring 229
Decorative Tile Flooring 230
Manufacturing 231
Marketing 233
Distribution 236
Mergers & Acquisitions 240
Cooperative Agreements 242
Company Profiles 245
Anderson Hardwood Floors, see Berkshire Hathaway
Armstrong World Industries Incorporated 246
Beauflor Vinyl Tiles, see Beaulieu International Group
Beaulieu International Group NV 252
Berkshire Hathaway Incorporated 255
BerryAlloc Group, see Beaulieu International Group
Beynon Sports Surfaces, see Tarkett
Biltrite Corporation 259
Burke Industries, see Mannington Mills
Casa Dolce Casa USA, see Florim Ceramiche
CBC Flooring, see TOLI
Centaur Floor Systems, see ECORE International
Clarion Industries LLC 261
Congoleum Corporation 262
Connor Sport Court International, see Gerflor Group
Crossville Incorporated 265
Dal-Tile, see Mohawk Industries
DuPont (EI) de Nemours 268
Earthwerks 269
ECORE International Incorporated 272
Expanko, see RPM International
Faus Group, see QEP
Fibergrate Composite Structures, see RPM International
Flexco, see Roppe Holding
FloorFolio Industries 276
Florida Tile, see Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche
Florim Ceramiche SpA 277
Flowcrete Group, see RPM International
Forbo Holding Limited 279
Gerflor Group 282
HomerWood Hardwood Flooring, see Armstrong World Industries
Increte Systems, see RPM International
Interceramic, see Internacional de CeramicaB
Internacional de Ceramica SAB de CV 287
IVC Group 289
Harris Wood, see QEP
Johnsonite, see Tarkett
Kaindl Flooring GmbH 291
Krono Holding AG 292
Kronotex USA Holdings, see Krono Holding
Lea Ceramiche, Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche
Mannington Mills Incorporated 294
Marazzi Group, see Mohawk Industries
Maxwell Hardwood Flooring Incorporated 301
Metroflor Corporation 302
Mohawk Industries Incorporated 304
Mullican Flooring LP 309
nora systems GmbH 310
Palo Duro Hardwoods Incorporated 312
Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche SpA 313
Parterre Flooring Systems 316
Pergo, see Mohawk Industries
Porcelanosa Grupo 317
QEP Company Incorporated 320
Ragno USA, see Mohawk Industries
Roppe Holding Company 322
RPM International Incorporated 326
Shaw Industries, see Berkshire Hathaway
Somerset Wood Products Incorporated 331
SpectraTurf, see ECORE International
Stonhard, see RPM International
Superior Manufacturing Group Incorporated 332
Surface America, see ECORE International
T. Morton, see Armstrong World Industries
Tandus Centiva, see Tarkett
Tarkett SA 335
TOLI Corporation 341
UnilinBA, see Mohawk Industries
VPI Corporation 342
Zickgraf Hardwood Flooring USA, see Berkshire


Summary Table 3


1 Macroeconomic Indicators 9
2 Personal Consumption Expenditures 12
3 Consumer Financing Environment, 2004-2014 15
4 Population & Households 19
5 Building Construction Expenditures 22
6 Residential Building Construction Expenditures 24
7 New Housing Indicators 29
8 Existing Residential Floor Space 31
9 Residential Improvement & Repair Expenditures 33
10 Nonresidential Building Construction Expenditures 36
11 Nonresidential Building Floor Space 39
12 Nonresidential Building Improvement & Repair Expenditures 40
13 Motor Vehicle Indicators 44
14 Transportation Equipment Shipments 47
15 Hard Surface Flooring Pricing Trends 49
16 Hard Surface Flooring Market, 2004-2014 55
17 Hard Surface Flooring Foreign Trade 75
18 Floor Coverings Demand 82


1 Hard Surface Flooring Supply & Demand 88
2 Resilient Flooring Supply & Demand 92
3 Vinyl Flooring Supply & Demand 95
4 Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring Demand 99
5 Vinyl Sheet Flooring Demand 103
6 Vinyl Composition & Other Vinyl Tile Flooring Demand 106
7 Other Resilient Flooring Supply & Demand 109
8 Nonresilient Flooring Supply & Demand 117
9 Decorative Tile Flooring Supply & Demand 122
10 Wood Flooring Supply & Demand 130
11 Solid Wood Flooring Demand 133
12 Engineered Wood Demand 137
13 Laminate Flooring Supply & Demand 141
14 Other Nonresilient Flooring Supply & Demand 147


1 Hard Surface Flooring Demand by Market 155
2 Residential Hard Surface Flooring Demand
by Application & Product 161
3 New Residential Hard Surface Flooring Demand 163
4 Residential Replacement & Remodeling Demand
for Hard Surface Flooring 167
5 Residential Hard Surface Flooring Demand by Housing Type 168
6 Single-Family Housing Hard Surface Flooring Demand
by Application & Product 173
7 Multifamily Housing Hard Surface Flooring Demand
by Application & Product 177
8 Manufactured Housing Hard Surface Flooring Demand
by Application & Product 179
9 Nonresidential Hard Surface Flooring Demand
by Application & Product 184
10 New Nonresidential Hard Surface Flooring Demand 187
11 Nonresidential Replacement & Remodeling
Hard Surface Flooring Demand 190
12 Nonresidential Hard Surface Flooring Demand
by Building Type 192
13 Office & Commercial Hard Surface Flooring Demand
by Application & Product 198
14 Institutional Hard Surface Flooring Demand
by Application & Product 203
15 Industrial Hard Surface Flooring Demand
by Application & Product 205
16 Other Nonresidential Hard Surface Flooring Demand
by Application & Product 208
17 Transportation Equipment Hard Surface Flooring Demand 210
18 Motor Vehicle Hard Surface Flooring Demand
by Application & Product 212
19 Other Transportation Equipment Hard Surface Flooring
Demand by Product 214


1 US Hard Surface Flooring Sales by Company, 2014 218
2 Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures 241
3 Selected Cooperative Agreements 243


1 Installed Costs for Selected Residential
Hard Surface Flooring Products, 2014 53
2 Hard Surface Flooring Market, 2004-2014 56
3 World Hard Surface Flooring Demand, 2014 73


1 Hard Surface Flooring Demand, 2014 89
2 Vinyl Flooring Market Share, 2014 108
3 Nonresilient Flooring Demand by Type, 2014 118
4 Decorative Tile Flooring Market Share, 2014 127
5 Wood Flooring Market Share, 2014 138
6 Laminate Flooring Market Share, 2014 145


1 Hard Surface Flooring Demand by Market, 2014 156
2 Nonresidential Hard Surface Flooring Demand
by Building Type, 2014 192


1 US Hard Surface Flooring Market Share, 2014 219