US Circuit Breakers & Fuses Market

US Circuit Breakers & Fuses Market

  • September 2016 •
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US Industry Study with Forecasts for 2020 & 2025

Ongoing efforts to expand and upgrade the US electrical grid will bolster sales of circuit breakers and fuses in the coming years. Continued increases in both residential and nonresidential building activities will also support gains, and the overall US market for circuit breakers and fuses is projected to advance 4.3 percent per annum through 2020.

Find out more in Freedonia’s new study, which will answer the following questions:
- To what degree are fuses still losing share of the total circuit protection market to circuit breakers?
- How will the moderation of output in the motor vehicle market impact manufacturers of associated circuit breakers and fuses?
- Which specific products and markets will post the strongest advances through 2020?


The electric power market is the largest end user of circuit breakers and fuses and will remain so through 2020 as power utilities increase their construction spending. However, the residential market for circuit breakers and fuses will post the strongest gains through 2020, bolstered by yearly increases in construction spending.

Growth prospects will also be favorable in the nonresidential market, as construction spending grows at nearly five percent per annum. Suppliers serving the nonresidential segment will also benefit from the higher value of product utilized there relative to many residential applications. The increasing prevalence of electrical and electronic components in motor vehicles, as well as the growing popularity of hybrid and electric vehicles, will bolster circuit protection device demand on a per vehicle basis.

Circuit breakers outpace fuses
Circuit breaker sales will outpace fuse sales through 2020. However, the difference in growth rates will continue to become less pronounced. Circuit breakers have already replaced fuses in most of the applications where practical, and as a result fuse suppliers are not losing market share at the rate they once were. Furthermore, the growing use of certain direct current (DC) power applications, such as solar power generation, will benefit fuse manufacturers, as DC power poses some difficulties for circuit breaker usage. Still, circuit breaker manufacturers will continue to benefit from their products’ performance advantages relative to fuses in many applications, as well as their relative higher value.

US electric grids play important role in growth
Power circuit breakers are expected to post the strongest gains of any major product category through 2020, driven by efforts to expand and update the US electrical grids, as well as by the increasing utilization of these products by independent power producers and nonutility generators. In addition, technological advances will support sales of higher value power circuit breakers such as those with integrated condition monitoring features.

Study coverage
Circuit Breakers & Fuses presents historical data (2005, 2010, 2015) plus forecasts (2020, 2025) by product type for circuit breakers (molded case, power, parts and accessories) and fuses (high power, cartridge and plug, electronic, other, parts and accessories), and by market (machinery, electric power, automotive, nonresidential and residential building construction, electronic equipment, electrical equipment, automotive and nonautomotive transportation equipment). The study also considers key market environment factors, assesses the industry structure, and evaluates company market share.