Low Cost Handsets, Feature Phones and Entry Level Smartphone Report 2011-2016

Low Cost Handsets, Feature Phones and Entry Level Smartphone Report 2011-2016

Report Details
Is the Feature Phone Still Relevant?

Visiongain believes that not only is the feature phone still relevant but in the next five years it will become even more essential as an essential device in handset manufacturers portfolios. Over 70% of handsets shipped in 2011 were feature phones and as emerging economies come to fruition we believe the popularity of these devices will remain stable.

We discuss the two main segments of feature phones that will come to prominence in under developed markets, the low cost and ultra low cost handsets. The Smartphone continues to grow in popularity in mature markets, but we believe that the entry level Smartphone will follow a similar path in emerging economies. New market entrants and the advent of Android have combined to create cheaper than ever Smartphones. We believe these devices and ecosystem players are poised to gain significant market share in areas where subscriber penetration rates remain low. 

Key Strategies

For ecosystem members wishing to devise a winning strategy to capitalise on new opportunities, this report details key offerings from major players and analyses the specific local and regional needs of key areas. Comparing these strategies reveals the best route to devising an unbeatable offering.

Key factors in low and ultra low cost offerings are margins and the BOM versus ASP. A detailed breakdown of these issues combined with forecasts of how the ASP for each handset type will decline over the forecast period will allow ecosystem members to position themselves effectively in order to gain significant market share. 

What is Different about this Report?

We conducted an independent and unbiased non-vendor affiliated assessment of the feature phone and entry level Smartphone market. We surveyed and interviewed several key industry players to gain an in-depth view of the market. We believe such a research will help you in assessing the market potential and in designing feature phone and entry level Smartphone strategies. 

Some of the key points researched and forecasted include:
• How will the low cost, feature phone and entry level Smartphone market will evolve by 2016?
• What are the low cost, feature phones and entry level Smartphone related challenges facing MNOs?
• What is the impact of Android's growth on feature phone adoption by mass market?
• What are the key entertainment applications necessary to drive adoption of feature phones?
• How can operators monetise these opportunities?
• What are the partnership opportunities for handset subsidies in the prepaid and post paid markets?
• How will cloud computing impact on the emerging economies market?

Who needs to read this report?

• Operators - While mature markets are reach saturation point, emerging economies represent a vast untapped potential for huge subscriber bases. Regardless of region, operators stand to widen revenues by providing a cost effective service to potential subscribers.

• Handset manufacturers - Smartphones may be the future for developed nations but the fact remains the feature phones still outnumber Smartphones by 4:1 on a global scale. This report details the segmentation and intelligence that will define a flawless strategy to gain subscribers in emerging economies.

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary 
E1 Feature Phone Sales Will Continue to Rise
E2 Key Markets in Emerging Economies
E3 Slow Uptake for Smartphones 
E4 Insufficient Infrastructure - Skipping the PC Revolution 
E5. Points Emerged from this Research

1. Introduction
1.1 Defining Low Cost Handsets
1.2 Defining Ultra Low Cost Handsets
1.3 Defining Emerging Markets 
1.4 Defining the Entry level Smartphone
1.4.1 Lack of 3G Infrastructure Leading to Slow Smartphone Adoption Rates 
1.4.2 Impact of ITU Regulations on Broadband Access
1.4.3 Impact of Mobile Broadband on BRIC Nations
1.5 Importance of Low Cost Mobile Internet 
1.6 Global Penetration of Feature Phones
1.7 Aim of the Report
1.8 Questions Answered by the Report
1.9 Structure of the Report
1.10 Methodology

2. Key Ecosystem Players - Offerings and Strategies
2.1 The Entry Level Handset Space
2.2 Operators
2.2.1 Vodafone Vodafone Partnership Strategies Vodafone Own Brand Handsets Analysis of Vodafone Own Brand Handset Features Pre-Pay Balance Indicator M-PESA Regional Adoption of M-PESA Analysis of Vodafone's use of M-PESA Vodafone Using Opera Mini to Combat Data Restrictions and Network Capacity Issues Summary Analysis of Vodafone's Own Brand Handset Offering
2.3 OEMs
2.3.1 Nokia Offerings and Strategies Is Nokia's Market Share in Terminal Decline? Nokia Handset Offerings Nokia Life Tools (NLT) Analysis of Nokia Life Tools Nokia Money Nokia Money - Benefits and Analysis Nokia to Create New Feature Phone Operating System? Nokia's Entry Level Smartphone Offering Analysis of Nokia's Entry Level Smartphone Offerings
2.3.2 Huawei Huawei's Strategy Analysis of Huawei's Reverse Innovation Strategy Huawei's Android Based Handset Offerings Huawei Optimus / U8180 Cloud Based Feature Phones for Indian Market 3G Feature Phones Huawei's 3G Feature Phone Strategy 
2.3.3 ZTE Offerings and Strategies Analysis of ZTE's Shifting Strategy
2.3.4 Micromax Offerings and Strategies Micromax Rural Subscriber Strategy Micromax Segmentation Strategies Analysis of Micromax Strategies
2.3.5 Gentag to Offer Low Cost NFC/RFID Handset Analysis of NFC Handsets in Emerging Markets
2.3.6 Motorola Offerings and Strategies Motorola Feature Phone Offerings Targeting the Emerging Economies with Feature Phones Google Acquisition and Potential Transformation of Strategies Motorola's Entry level Smartphone Offering Analysis of Motorola's Offerings
2.3.7 MediaTek Strategy and Offerings MediaTek Leveraging Facebook for Emerging Economies Market Share Will Facebook Capable Feature Phones be a Game Changer? Single Chip Solutions to Further Strengthen MediaTek's Position Analysis of MediaTek's Offerings
2.4 Comparative Summary Analysis of All Key Offerings

3. Regional Markets and Operator Involvement Analysis
3.1 BRIC Nations
3.1.1Brazil Latin America to Reap Revenues from Mobile Finance Services
3.1.2 Russia
3.1.3 India Indian Operators to Partner for 3G Roaming Current Handset Vendor Market Share India
3.1.4 China How Operators Tackle Saturated Markets Smartphone Sales: China vs. United States Further Opportunities in Asia Pacific Thailand
3.2 Opportunities in the European Market 
3.3 Opportunities in the African Market
3.3.1 France Telecom Orange 
3.3.2 Analysis of France Telecom Orange's Involvement in African Markets

4. Current Emerging Market Trends