Pharma Leader Series: Top 50 Generic Drug Manufacturers 2013-2023

Pharma Leader Series: Top 50 Generic Drug Manufacturers 2013-2023

Report Details

Generics companies - assess products, developments, and revenue prospects

What does the future hold for makers of generic drugs? Visiongain's updated report shows you their prospects to 2023. There you see results, trends, opportunities, and revenue predictions.

Our study analyses 50 leading generics producers and marketers. There you find information on established and rising companies. Discover their sales potentials.

Forecasts and other data to help you stay ahead

In our new study you find analytical profiles of top companies worldwide. There you analyse historical data, market shares, revenue forecasts, and growth rates. Discover qualitative analysis too. You also gain 63 charts and 96 tables.

Our work lets you assess the most lucrative parts of the world industry for generic drugs. See now how you can benefit your research, analyses, and decisions there, also saving time.

The following sections highlight what you find in our new investigation.

Assessments of top companies - activities, results, competition, and potential sales

Our report analyses 50 manufacturers of generic medicines. In general a company profile gives you the following information:
• Discussion of a company's activities, outlook, and recent financial results
• Assessment of its developments - mergers and acquisitions (M&A), new products, and collaborations, inc. alliances, partnerships and joint ventures
• Forecasting of generic drug revenues to 2023 (for 20 of the companies).

Discover capabilities, progress, and commercial prospects, helping you stay ahead.

Now see companies you investigate there, grouped by type and geographical region.

Big pharma - generics production by the pharma industry's largest companies

First, our study gives you discussions, financial analyses, and commercial outlooks for five generic drug producers among the world's leading pharmaceutical companies:
• Teva Pharmaceutical Industries
• Novartis (Sandoz)
• Abbott Laboratories
• Pfizer
• Sanofi.

You see possibilities there for raising business performance. Discover what the future holds for those companies, then, including revenue predictions to 2023.

North America - outlooks for leading generic drug manufacturers

Next, our report analyses 12 North American generics specialists, including these:
• Mylan
• Actavis
• Hospira
• Par Pharmaceutical
• Mallinckrodt
• Apotex
• Valeant.

There you find where sales growth can occur. Many opportunities remain, with high, expanding revenues possible from 2013. See where best potentials exist.

Europe - prospects for leading generics players

You also discover outlooks for 11 European generics specialists, including these:
• Fresenius Kabi
• Pharmstandard
• Stada Arzneimittel
• Gedeon Richter
• Krka.

Our report shows you how companies can seize opportunities and expand their businesses.

India - analysis of leading generic drug firms

Our new work also assesses 10 Indian generic drug producers, including these:
• Ranbaxy Laboratories
• Cipla
• Dr. Reddy's Laboratories
• Lupin
• Aurobindo
• Wockhardt
• Sun Pharmaceutical Industries.

How much sales growth and geographical expansion can Indian pharma achieve? You find revenue data, trends, and opportunities there, seeing what the present and future hold.

Producers from the rest of the world - assess progress and prospects

You also discover outlooks for 12 generic drug makers based in other regions, including these companies:
• Aspen Pharmacare
• Laboratorios Roemmers
• Nichi-Iko
• Sawai Pharmaceuticals
• Taro Pharmaceutical Industries
• Adcock Ingram
• Eurofarma.

Developing markets such as Japan, Brazil and China will prove important for generic
Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
1.1 Overview of Findings
1.2 Chapter Breakdown
1.3 Research and Analysis Methods

2. The Top 50 Generic Drug Manufacturers: Overview, 2013
2.1 Total Value of the Top 50 Generics Companies
2.2 Regional Distribution of the Top 50 Companies
2.3 Coverage in this Report
2.3.1 Issues Involved in Assessing the Top 50 Companies
2.3.2 Obtaining Data for Private Companies
2.3.3 Variable Financial Years
2.3.4 Identifying Revenues Specifically from Generics
2.3.5 Defining Generics 1: Do Biosimilars Count?
2.3.6 Defining Generics 2: 'Super-Generics' and APIs
2.3.7 Defining Generics 3: Rx and OTC

3. The Top Big Pharma Generic Drug Manufacturers: Overview, 2013-2023
3.1 Companies Covered in this Chapter
3.2 Why are Big Pharma Targeting Generics?
3.2.1 Is Generics Still a Dirty Word for Big Pharma?
3.2.2 Diversification or Divorce? Big Pharma Growth Strategies
3.3 Teva Pharmaceutical Industries: Still the Generics Industry Leader
3.3.1 Teva's Shift Towards Innovation
3.3.2 High-Value Generics to Drive Teva's Generics Growth
3.3.3 Handok Joins Teva's Long Acquisitions List
3.3.4 Teva's Global Presence
3.3.5 Growth Forecast for Teva Generics 2013-2023
3.4 Novartis: Leader in Biosimilars and Complex Generics
3.4.1 Enoxaparin Exclusivity Loss Hits Sandoz Profits in 2012
3.4.2 Emphasis on Difficult-to-Manufacture Products
3.4.3 Europe the Main Market for Sandoz Despite German Decline
3.4.4 Growth Forecast for Novartis Generics 2013-2023
3.5 Abbott Laboratories: Ahead in India Through Generic Strength
3.5.1 Established Products Stays with Abbott Laboratories After the 2012 Abbvie Spin-Off
3.5.2 Abbott's Businesses
3.5.3 Will Established Products' Performance Improve in 2013?
3.5.4 Abbott Targeting Emerging Markets for 50% for Future Revenues
3.5.5 Acquiring Market Share in India and the CEE Nations in 2013?
3.5.6 Growth Forecast for Abbott Generics 2013-2023
3.6 Pfizer: Vast Established Products Portfolio
3.6.1 More Restructuring to Follow at Pfizer?
3.6.2 Maximising Mature Product Value
3.6.3 Estimating Value for Pfizer's Generics
3.6.4 BRIC Nations, Turkey, Mexico and Japan Among Target Markets for Pfizer Generics
3.6.5 Growth Forecast for Pfizer Generics 2013-2023
3.7 Sanofi: Focused Generics Strategy for Emerging Markets
3.7.1 Generics at the Forefront of Sanofi's Leadership in the Emerging Markets
3.7.2 Genfar Acquisition Boosts Sanofi's Latin America Strategy
3.7.3 Zentiva Brand Still Strong in CEE Markets
3.7.4 Diversification to Offset Patent Cliff Threat to Revenues
3.7.5 Growth Forecast for Sanofi Generics 2013-2023

4. The Top North American Generic Drug Manufacturers: Overview, 2013-2023
4.1 Companies Covered in this Chapter
4.2 Domestic Companies Still Prominent in the US, the Largest Market
4.3 Mylan: Second-Largest Player in the US Market
4.3.1 EPIPEN Drives Mylan's Diversification Into Original Products
4.3.2 Generics Remain the Core Strength for Mylan
4.3.3 Generics Portfolio Over 1,100 Products Strong
4.3.4 First Class II Transdermal Approval Consolidates Mylan's Top Two Status in the US Market
4.3.5 Tender System Hurts Mylan's German Market Share, But Company Retains Australasian Dominance
4.3.6 Growth Forecast for Mylan Generics 2013-2023
4.4 Actavis: Merger Creates New Force in Generics Market
4.4.1 Over 40 Branded Product Lines
4.4.2 Merged Generics Business to Have ~10% US Market Share
4.4.3 Warner Chilcott Acquisition Silences Rumours of Actavis Takeover
4.4.4 Actavis/Watson Merger Builds on Strong M&A History for Both Companies
4.4.5 Actavis' Biosimilar Ambitions
4.4.6 Growth Forecast for Actavis Generics, 2013-2023
4.5 Hospira: Injectables Expert Still Among Top 10 Generics Players
4.5.1 Leader in Acute Care and Oncology Generics